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    Default Tennis- Courts and Racquets- CSS and CN

    Anyone who has played tennis at either CSS or CN...

    What is the racquet quality like? Or should we just lug along our own?

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    We went to CN last year and took our rackets, so I can't speak for the rackets themselves. We are so used to ours that we wouldn't be comfortable playing with others...but the courts at CN are REALLY nice! Have fun.

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    Default tennis racquets

    We just got back from CN. They have a lot of racquets there to choose from. Most of them were in decent shape, but didn't seem to be the newest models, of course. If you play a lot of tennis, you might be more comfortable with your own racquet. If you just play occasionally, I'm sure you'll be fine with what they have. Have fun! We sure did!

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    Just got back from CSS, played a lot of tennis there. Nice courts, great resident pro (Radcliffe is one cool dude, mon), fantastic visiting pro. If you are serious about tennis, bring your own racquets. They had three loaner racquets, in decent shape but older. The visiting pro gave me so many great tips that improved my game, it was worth the price of the vacation.

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