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    Default Mineral pool/beach at SS?

    I just read a post on TA that talked about the mineral pool and beach.
    What is the difference?
    I can see the pool on the map but no idea where the beach is, and what about this waterfall they were talking about?

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    There is a waterfall between the mineral pool and the spa that goes down into Charlie's grotto and then out to Sea. The mineral pool is located one level up from the Sea. The beach is to the left of the mineral pool (if you are facing the ocean). Go to the 360 views for CSS and you will see wonderful views of the resort and beach.

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    Not exactly sure what they mean by mineral beach and waterfall. I was only there a day, but there is a mineral grotto at the bottom of the cliff as you go past the fitness center to the main beach area. Right around there you can also go in the water, where the mineral spring meets the ocean. Its pretty cool (literally and figuratively)

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    The mineral 'beach' is a bit of a stretch. The 'beach' is located one level down from the mineral pool and it is VERY small!!!! There aren't any chairs or anything like that it is really more like a shallow spot in the water and the waterfall is by the exit to beach.
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    Neat, what is the difference between the regular pool and the mineral pool? Also which pool is the one by the Balloon bar? It looks like it has a waterfall too.

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    There are actually four pools at CSS. The swim-up pool by the beach (this is the main pool); the mineral pool by the Spa and fitness center; another pool by the Balloon bar (this is a beautiful little pool with lovely views); and the pool at sunset beach. The mineral pool is filled with the natural mineral waters.

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    The beach I think you're referring to is a man-made beach in front of the exercise pavillion. The mineral pool is nearby, which is cool and has rumored health benefits. Neither is utilized as much as either the main pool/beach or the A/N pool/beach, but it's a very nice option to have. I believe the aquarobics classes are held in the mineral pool each morning, but don't quote me on that.

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    The mineral pond was really cool we took some nice pix's there... the mineral pool by the Gym was also cool the water was so soft lol

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    no the pools are not heated. My husband tried the mineral pool and the water was too cold to get in all the way

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    The mineral pool is a great alternative to the regular pool. The mineral water is very good for your skin, hair etc. It's very quiet there and extremely relaxing. We loved it!

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    I don't remember the water at the mineral pool being cold at all. In fact, because it was a smaller pool, I seem to recall that it was warmer than the other pool.

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