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    Planning a little bit ahead, we will be at CSS for 8 nights arriving on a friday. I know we will have two friday night Gala's and one beach party that covers 3 night for the meals. We want to try all of the restaurants, I was wondering if the Lobster options are the same at all of the restaurants? Does a certain place prepare it better then another? I am also trying to decide on the private dinner sounds wonderful, but with only 8 nights I want to make sure I can enjoy all of the dining options, so maybe I should hold off on the private dinner. Any input would be appreciated.

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    I can only speak for CN (next summer will be our first visit to CSS) all of the restaurants serve a grilled lobster as well as a lobster dish. What is nice is that you can order what you want and then a grilled lobster on the side. They are so yummy too!

    For me I have never been able to justify the expense of a private dinner as the food at all the restaurants are soooooo good. But we do have the advantage of the repeaters dinner as well which is also a special meal. But still, I would rather book an extra night and if I skip the private dinner I am half way there.

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