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    Default Greatest week of our lives

    This was our 4th trip to Jamaica,stay 10 /17 to 10/21, 2010 and we will never go anyplace else but Couples Sans Souci. We read all the reveiws and they are all on target. The worst thing I encountered was I had to leave! This place and it's staff is amazing. From planning the trip going with Air Jamaica and entering a totally friendly atmosphere at the resort it was first class. The average age range was from late 20's to 50's. We wanted to find a place where we fit in and trust me it was also on everyone else's mind. Looking to meet other couples--yes couples no singles-- to enjoy the beach, pool, dinners and nite life. The activites run by Keriayn were fun and got everybody involved. My wife said she did not know if she could do the Sunset Beach Side [ au natural side], but we would see once we got down there. Well we lasted on the regular beach all of about an hour. Spent the next 5 days on SSB. What a time we had with Francine the bartender and Lance the cook in charge of the food at the pool.I truely feel we have met a couple of friends for life. All the women talked of the same concerns and all felt very comfortable after about 15 minutes. My advice to husbands and boyfrineds---don't push it. Let the women move on their own timetable and they will surprise you, they need to feel comfortable. No pretenses, no games and no gawking as far as I could see. Total respect for everybody. Converstaions abounded around the pool and bar and jacuzzi. And there were quite a few returning guests who more or less filled you in on how people to handle things. I know a lot of people get the wrong idea and think it's kinky but you are wrong. Quite the contrary, conversations abounded about sports, politics,family,jobs and the fact we found it so easy to talk to each other. We figured it takes a special kind of outgoing person to just say go for it and the results are very liberating. Most said they now have problems going to the beach with a suit on anymore.In fact you really are not allowed to Sunset Beach without your spouse or partner. You are there with the person you want to be with to meet and talk with other people. We met more sincere, interesting people on this trip in one week then we have in the last 5 trips we have taken. Food was great at the 2 main dining rooms. Whatever you wanted on the menu in any portions was fine. Very friending staff throughout the resort. Best rooms for accessability are A and B block. The others are nice but they involve a little more walking and steps. Did a couples message which was quite relaxing. Tuesday nite beach party with the steel bad was the best I ever seen in my life. I would definitly recommend this place. We are heading back again next year with some of the same couples.

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    Johnny- Welcome to couples. You now know why we say- once you go you will know. It is almost impossible to explain to anyone.

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    Default Hi Johnny 5!

    We were soooooo glad to meet you and your wife in the pool at Sunset Beach!! We've learned that no matter the length of your vacation, it's never long enough -- you never want to leave! we agree with all that you said about Sans Souci and Sunset Beach, au natural experience. You can't explain it, only experience it -- and it's awesome! We're returning in April but maybe we'll see you again in the fall. That would be so fun! After you two left so did the rain --- lots of sun the following week -- we thought of you and missed you!

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    johnny5 - We could not have expressed our feelings for CSS and in particular Sunset Beach any better!! We, too, fell in love with this resort last year, and it has become our favourite, and most longed for place to be at!!

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    It is indeed special we are headed back in Feb again!!! Been to CTI (going again first this trip) and CN but there is nothing like SSB and CSS. It has it all. Freedom!

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    Hi linda & dan---great to hear from you ---had the time of our life with you at ssb===already planning for middle of august next year---you 2 are the best ---marla & john

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