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    Default "Welcome home, Madame!"

    3 more weeks until I'm back to CSA, my beloved Jamaican home away from home!

    3 more weeks until my eyes see crystal blue water, until my toes feel powder white sand, until my skin is warmed by the Jamaican sun and cooled by the Caribbean breezes, until my ears hear and my body sways to the Reggae off-beat, until my mouth tastes deliciously exotic flavors, and until I am all atingle from rum-spiked libations!!

    3 more weeks until I return to the beautiful people with smiling, happy faces and lilting, patois-laced accents who greet me so warmly at the door by saying "Welcome Home, Madame!"

    3 more weeks until I am home at CSA where for 1 week every little thing's gonna be alright! Ya mon, irie!

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    Oh how I wish it was only three weeks for us. We have nine weeks until we hear "Welcome Home" and until we hear Ulti say "Canada is in the house--give love". I am already so obsessed with our return to CSA that it is all I can think about. I can almost taste that first Purple Rain that Kurt will create with his magic and taste the yummy sweet potatoe chips. I can hear the waves rolling on the beach and smell the fragrant air. Soon, soon we will be home!!

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    I wish too. Haven't started counting since we're waiting til April 16. Huge sigh... Razzl

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    See ya there! 3 weeks from yesterday for us.

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    8 more days for us!!!!

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    33 more days for us.. December 12th cannot come any faster!! I think I'll start packing this weekend!! WOOHOOOO!!!

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    JDzWife...maybe we'll see you there. There from 12/9-12/13.

    BTW...I see you live in Tallahassee...lived there for 7 years...'93 grad, wife too...go Noles!!

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    banchi - We should get in just after lunch, maybe we can meet up somewhere?

    Hubby is an FSU Alumni, not sure the year. He doesn't miss a game, lol.

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    JDzWife....I'd make a suggestion on where to meet, but having never been there I'm not sure where a good place would be. If all else fails, check the pool bar!! Just walk the resort singing the FSU fight song and we'll find you!!
    Never take life too'll never get out of it alive!!

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    banchi - the poolbar sounds great. We'll probably be wearing our FSU garb.

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