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    Default any young couples going to CSA this/next week?

    I apologize if this is a repeat post, I am attempting to post for the first time, and the post isnt showing up..

    My husband and I are first timers to CSA, and though we are planning on a lot of 1:1 honeymoon time, it would be great to meet up with people for a drink or two throughout the week. What is the average age of the couples? Anyone going down this week or next week?

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    You will find plenty of people your age. Just hang out at one of the bars for a bit.

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    If you select who to hang and have a drink with by age you may just miss a wonderful time, as some of us are much younger at heart the the young ones and we have had alot of time to perfect having a fun time!!!!!

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    Default mid to late 30's

    We will be down the 14th to the 20th

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    We are going 17-24. What age is "young?"

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    We will be there the 14th to the 20th as well.....We are in our early fortys but we love to have fun!!!!!! We really don't act our age!!!! LOL Jen and Chuck...see you in Jamaica MON!!!

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    We're going to CSA November 18th-25th. Late 20's & 30's!

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    One of the Joys of Couples is the mix of ages...both of our visits have seen us having a great time with people 20 years older & younger than us.

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    I'm 51 and my wife is 44. We're not old and sure don't act old at CN. Nobodies old in Jamaica

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    We are 40. Look for the guy who looks his age, and the girl who doesn't.

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    We're 27&30, going for our honeymoon from the 21st until the 1st.

    Heather & Pat
    Honeymoon @ CSA
    Nov 21 2010 - Dec 1 2010

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    CSA DEC 16,,,,,age 51,,,,,looks 61,,,,,,acts 11

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