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    Can prescription medications be purchase OTC while on vacation?

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    Doubtful... bring your own.

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    I honestly don't know the answer to this but in my opinion I would make sure you get any refills prior to your leaving. You never know if pharmacies in foreigh countries are held to the same standards as in the states.

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    No, "Prescription Medications" can not be purchased "Over The Counter".
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    I would strongly suggest you bring your own medications in their correct prescription bottles. Bring more days than you need in case you have a flight problem.

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    I think this question was asked because in Mexico you can get all kinds of prescription drugs at the airport kiosks.

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    Are they really "Prescription Medications" if they are bought "Over The Counter"???

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    just where I want to get my prescription meds - an airport kiosk in Mexico!!

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    Sorry: Jamaica is not like Mexico where you can purchase any drug at the drug store without paper work.
    Irie Mon

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    As a medical professional, I can honestly say, "Thank God" that u can't!

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