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    Default Activities and Nightlife?

    Planning a trip during February break. I am specifically looking for resort that has the best:
    1) Daily Activities - Tournaments, games (drinking/non-drinking), sports, etc..
    2) Nightlife - People hanging out after dinner
    3) Socialization - A good social atmosphere

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Pobbster74, I think you have asked the question multiple times on here. I think all resorts have a fair amount of daytime activities. We were at CN last year in November and even though it didn't seem full there was good participation in both beach and pool volleyball. Nightime activities depend on the people there at that point. I've heard some resorts are really active at night sometimes and very quiet others. CN seems more quiet to me and from what I have read, CSA is much more active in the evenings. Hope you can find what you want and enjoy!

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    We want to make sure there is nightlife when we go as we are recruiting people to come with us. We figure in 7 days and nights we will still have plenty of time for a relaxing romantic time...and still have lots of time to party it up a bit with friends. LOL

    WE are excited to meet new friends too of course!

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    bobkat and pobbster, just make sure you are considerate of those who don't want to party as well. Sometimes when large groups get together, they become loud and can spoil the special "couples" atmosphere. Just because you want all the nightlife, some just want to go into the bars at night and relax.

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    I do not think it is a resort, but the guests at the resort at the time determine the party atmosphere of nightlife. A party group will make it very active, a non party group less active.

    Even the most active people may not be very active at night due to all the sun, drinking and over eating during the day.
    Irie Mon

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    I did post, but I think it was a while ago because we ended up going to Breezes in Panama (which was terrible). Cleversole, "considerate of those who do not want to party????" If you want peace and quiet, I am sure you can find places to hang out. Just because I want to get an occasional beer pong, drinking game or socialize and meet new people, doesn't mean I am inconsiderate.

    How about the day activities: Tournaments, games, sports. We love competition!!

    Thanks for the responses.

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    Jen and I will be at CN from feb 4-Feb 11. We are ones who like to stay up until 1 or 2 at the bar. At CTI last feb some nights we found company later at night and some nights we did not. I think part of the issue with no nightlife are the free-flowing drinks all day. We ran into the same issue at a wonderful AI on the Riviera Maya two weeks ago. People have had too much sun and booze and don't pace themselves and they tend to head to bed early. We don't get wild or crazy, we just like to stay up late and socialize and make new friends and if our not going to bed by 11 ruins someone's "romantic atmosphere" then they are bothered far too easy!!

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    from the Couples main the left: About Us

    We are different from other all-inclusive resort companies. We consider ourselves Artisanal, not Mass Market; more of a Boutique-style collection of unique resorts within the all-inclusive category. We are driven to provide the highest quality product with the most inclusions, all at a competitive price.

    Our loyal guests are those who value the experience over price, who appreciate being pampered in an environment conducive to romance, who respect and are eager to learn more about the culture we represent. The foundation of our continued success is our people. Our staff strives to Engage Your Hearts and Enrich Your Spirits. We aspire to create emotional connections so satisfying to our guests and employees that loyalty is assured.

    Rediscover the passion and connection that first brought you together. Rediscover one another at Couples Resorts.

    We look forward to welcoming you home.
    while i do certainly hope you group has a wonderful time i just don't read beer pong into the Couples statement.

    also at the Couples main page you can select each of the resorts and after doing so scroll down on the left hand side and find the activities that are listed for each resort.

    we have has some great times with folks/groups we have met in our trips to Couples and we have also seen groups that were horrible. i would think that if you were having a good time with your friends and not bothering anyone it would be all irie mon.


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    Pobbster74, no disrespect, but I think you may have the wrong idea about Couples.

    Most people go to be with their other half - not to play drinking games and form large groups. We have been to CN three times and the only thing I would change if I could is large groups who get very loud after a few drinks and take over the bar. Also manners seem to go by the wayside - just "Get me a beer" to the bartender - no please or thank you.

    I am not suggesting that you would behave in this way, but this is what cleversole means when he says be considerate.

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    Pobbster, what I mean is that some of us like to go into the bar and relax and not watch a whole group of people getting drunk and being loud and obnoxious. Tends to happen when larger groups get together. I am sure I'm not the only one that feels that way. I shouldn't have to go find somewhere else to "hang out" because a large group is loud and drunk. This IS a COUPLES resort, targeted for a romantic time with our spouses, so some of us like to be able "hang out" at the bars too. And it doesn't mean you can't have your fun too....just saying be considerate of others.

    Also...I am as competitive as it comes to to play love to win, so I can relate. All is IRIE mon!

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    Thanks Janette and Randy....I love to meet new couples when we are there of the things I loved about CN and look forward to when we go in a few weeks. Nice to meet people with spouses, all comfortable, not a meat market, in a nice quiet environment and a great place to make lifetime friends. I have read a lot about large groups and the partying and was just trying to make Pobbster aware of the environment and glad you two helped chip in on my post. Some groups CAN get together and have fun without being problem, mon. Janette is right though, too often all manners and consideration for the intended environment go out with the window with too much alcohol and a large group. Thanks again.

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    well, my husband and I are excited to go to spend romantic time alone AND to meet new people and have a fun carefree (but respectful to others) time. I hope the nightlife isn't quiet and sedate...for some people a more lively atmosphere IS how couples like to enjoy time together...AS A COUPLE. To us the day is our time to go on secluded walks, romantic swims and adventures and the night to party a bit. To each his own. I think as adults we can respect each other and let each group and couple enjoy their well deserved vacation as they choose.

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    Not to belabor the point, but at CSA we had one trip where there was a large group on the beach that proceeded to get wasted drunk by 3pm (all 10 of them) and then bring out music and start line-dancing in the surf and "cheerleading." No, really. Cheerleading.

    While I don't mind a little fun, wild and crazy behavior, NOTHING about their behaviour was acceptable for a relaxing beach resort. NOTHING. and they were disturbing EVERYONE within a 100 yard radius. (We moved.)

    Nobody is saying that you can't have fun, but be respectful. It's not the H place, it's not Vegas, and it's not Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break. It's a Couples Resort. By all means have a great time, but if you throw up in the pool, (it happened -- there was even a post about it) I guarantee people are going to be peeved.

    As I tell my kids, different behavior for different places. Choose the appropriate one.

    Peace out.
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    I respect everybody's opinions, but I am 36 and have not thrown up since my 21st b-day. We are also not the loud and obnoxious type, but we do like to hang out, "party" and compete in all activities. I rarely lose (Ha Ha)

    Bobkat is right on the money. Each couple has their own way of having a good time with each other. My motto is life is too short so live it to the fullest.

    I heard there is a new Library opening in Negril, maybe that is a better place for Cleversole and Jannette. Just messing around, it is all in good fun

    I am from New York, and New Yorkers are always respectful

    Now can someone answer my questions?????
    Best resort for daily activities
    Social atmosphere

    We are planning on going between February 20-February 27 (not the full week though). Strongly considering CSA, WHO'S IN?????

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    For those who might want to have one night out to party, and come home to CN. You can go to HEDO for the evening for I think about $75.00, its only about a 1/2 mile down the road. Has anyone done this? Any recomendations for those who might want to?

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    I agree with everyone's comments on here, but WOW some are a little judgemental on the delivery. Maybe the word "party" is what everyone is panicking over - not sure. Maybe I can put it in words EVERYONE can relate to while still being "considerate" of others as so many people wanted to make perefctly clear is "acceptable" behavior. Okay - here goes:
    Some couples enjoy a quiet evening alone gazing into each others eyes and watching the stars, some couples enjoy calling it an early evening and hitting the sheets, still others enjoy having a cocktail and conversation with newly formed friendships, and some couples enjoy drinking, dancing, and laughing with friends until the wee hours of the morning. I believe there are places at each resort specific to the needs of every couple no matter how they enjoy their couple experience. Couples are resorts geared towards romance and couples. It's up to each individual couple to decide what they consider romantic, relaxing, engaging and enriching. Let's not judge others on how they want to spend their time with their mate, but instead let's ALL just be respectful of what each couple wants out of their vacation.
    Relax folks - it's all good.

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    Pobbster, seriously, I've only been to CN, and you said you had been there before too. It was quiet when were there, even in the evenings. I hear the Piano Bar can get busy and active, we didn't see it when we were there. February is a much busier time though and maybe there would be more activity. From what I have read and seen, CSA has far and away the best athletic area with the facilities across the street. The complex looks AWESOME. It sounds like the lounge at CSA has a much more active nightlife than any I've seen at CN as well. From the things I have seen and read, CSA is far more active overall, and has the long beach, which I like but can't bring myself to go away from CN.

    There was never any disrespect intended....and I think (hope) you understand. You're going to have a good time, we go to have a good time and we all respect each other. No harm, no foul! If I was to give an opinion, I would say CSA fits more in line with the things you like...and I'm not going at the same time as you, so I'm not trying to steer you away from us......LOL

    Hope you find the one that fits what you want and have a GREAT time.

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    I agree with both Bobkat and indyjulie. My husband and I also like meeting new and fun people when we go to CN. In the past we have met some really great people. It's nice to hang out with another couple or a couple of couples and have a good time.You don't have to be loud or disrespectful. After all, we are there to have a good time and enjoy our selves, however you choose to do that is up to you. So bobkat, indyjulie,cleversole, if you are going in February, we will be there the 4th -13th. Sorry pobbster74, we will miss you, but would of loved to hang out with you...Let's all just have a good time and enjoy ourselves. Respect...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pobbster74 View Post

    I heard there is a new Library opening in Negril, maybe that is a better place for Cleversole and Jannette. Just messing around, it is all in good fun
    Cleversole, I will meet you in the library!!

    Indyjulie, I understand what you are saying and I have no problem with any of that. The thing I do not like is when people get out of control ( and they do!) and seems to loose all sense of how to behave. I do not fly 4000+ miles to listen to people shouting and screaming and behaving badly - it can ruin the resort for everyone else.
    We love talking to new people and having a drink with them.
    No offence meant in any of my posts - nuff said!

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    Hi Pobbster,
    I hope someone can answer your questions. I can't tell you which resort is best because I've only been to CSA. But I can give you my impression of CSA. I found CSA to be very spread out. It stretches all along the beach and there isn't one central area where people hang out. I think the layout of the resort keeps people from socializing as much. There also isn't a daily newsletter to tell you what activities are going on that day so it's easy to miss out on things.

    I absolutely loved CSA. But I'm not a partier or a big socializer so those aspects didn't bother me at all. I think my husband, on the other hand, really missed having a swim up bar where he could sit and chat with other people. At CSA, most people were spread out on the beach, not at the pools.

    You may prefer CN over CSA. We visited CN one day through the Trading Places program. It is a much smaller resort so everyone seemed to know each other. It has one centralized pool so it's easy to see what activities are happening at any given time.

    I read the reviews about CSA on Trip Advisor before our vacation and saw several where people complained about the lack of night life. I think that some people on this message board are just trying to warn you that you might be bored. But as others have said, the night life is what you make of it. Another option is to go into town in the evenings. You're not stuck at the resort.

    Have a great time!

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    I remember the gentleman who had calculated out how much he had to drink daily in order for his bar bill to equal his share of the room cost. He was there only five hours when his new wife was throwing up all the bob marleys and American flags he made her drink, and he was "singing" and "dancing" at the piano bar, and wouldn't stop. He came with others who were only slightly embarrassed. He was the only one I saw like that all week, and was a little less gung ho the rest of the week.

    So in answer to your questions:
    1 - all have good daily activities, but it depends on the crowd
    2 - nightly activities are not usually all that rowdy, but then again, it depends on the crowd. You can also go off campus for more hard partying.
    3 - mostly everyone is social. You have to really make a conscious effort not to make friends.

    Remember that you can drink all you want back at home, and party too. And there's not much sense paying so much to be hungover or unable to remember the Couples experience.

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    I think the challenge here is when people read the word 'party' they think of drinking games and loud behavior. Couples is no place for that kind of partying. Yes, there is fun and good times to be had in the piano bars at night at each of the resorts, but drinking games should be left back at home.

    Pobbster ~ As for activities, check out each of the resorts web pages and there is a link for activities. It gives the day and time of each activity. This will give you a good idea of what each resort has to offer.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    My husband is a sit on the beach and relax all day person. I like to do that in small doses, but I need to get up and participate in activities. While at CSA, ( while my husband is on the beach,), I take part in the billards and ping pong tourney ( and won both and a bottle of Appleton Rum ), played beach and pool volleyball, soccer on the beach, and various other activities. I know it sounds lame until you actually go, but the piano bar is a lot of fun, and can get crazy. CSA is great, large enough to find both you couples, those Only wanting to have a romantic time with their spouse, and those looking for a little more action. Never a lack of activities. Every other night we stay up late, and always have met couples looking for more of a " party". I have even seen the martini bar at CSA to get a little more rowdy. Like I said, CSA is large enough that both type of couples can exist without disturbing the others.

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    I agree its about the crowd, some trips more couples are involved in activites and nightlife then other times.

    We've been to CN, CSA, and CTI. While all three have activities, nightlife as has been said I found CSA to be less social and harder to know where all the activites are because it is so spread out. Its easy to miss something there if you forget about it, and who wants to spend their trip on a schedule.

    CN of the three, you almost always know where the activites are going on, and its easy to socialize because its centralized. The pool and beach volleyball courts are close together and other activites often occur on the deck which is again central to the resort.

    That being said, because the size of the piano bar / disco at CSA I've seen some much bigger "parties" at night there.

    Then further than that, if your not staying for a week, Casino night or the beach party night always seems to draw big crowds at any of the resorts and are more of a party nights then movie night or whatever...

    Have fun whichever resort you decide on. Oh and to answer the OP, on points 1 and 3, CN, then CTI then CSA imo. Nightlife is a toss up between the three depending on the crowd.

    We haven't been to CSS, we plan on doing the day pass when we are at CTI in a few weeks.

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    Wow, lots of warnings and strong opinions on this thread.

    Pobbster74, if you have not yet bailed on this thread, and I would not blame you for doing so, I will try to answer your questions as straight forward as I can. I suppose others have done so, but to tell the truth I got a little tired of reading some of the responses above and thought I would just cast my 2 cents in towards the original questions.

    Daily activities: There are a number of daily activities available at CSA. From resort orientation to basket weaving and drink mixing classes. There will be lists available when you arrive that will have activity descriptions and times. As for sports there are almost daily sand volleyball games organized and you may find some sort of impromptu beach games on occasion. There are not hard and firm organized daily sports competitions though. Across the road at the sports complex there are tennis, hand ball, racquet ball and basketball courts available for use by anyone that finds a partner (or partners) to compete with. Occasionally there are tournaments organized for these as well, but not daily. If you look around or ask a bit, you will find some sporting activities that will hopefully fill your needs in addition to sailing, snorkeling and scuba.

    Night life: There is entertainment nightly on the stage in the Palms. Music or variety programs are entertaining and quite fun. There are even opportunities for guests to show their talent and win prizes for performing. As for "hanging out" after dinner, there are usually some groups of couples that will make an evening of it without disturbing other guests, as seems to be the big fear of some folks. The Aura lounge on the second floor of the Great House is a very nice place to let your hair down and party. It has a very nice "club" atmosphere complete with the sound, lighting, furnishings, dance floor and, of course, the bar that make for a great place to party to all hours of the morning if you like. It is more active some nights than others, but if you are game and have some like minded folks to get things going it is always available and a great place for "night life". We have been there on some nights when it really got rockin'.

    Socialization: Is what you make of it. If you are open to meeting people of various ages and backgrounds you will have a great opportunity to socialize. We have found the great majority of folks at CSA to be very out going and open to meeting and making new friends. If you are a social couple I am sure you will quickly find other couples that you will spend time with throughout your vacation at CSA. We even met some couples that came to our vow renewal on the beach in 2005. Meeting wonderful people is one of the great attractions of CSA for us.

    Hope you have gotten some help from your thread. Please don't be worried about some of the expressions of foreboding about parties or loud guests. It is certainly possible to have a great time at CSA and party your a$$ off without raising the hackles of the other guests.

    You don't say if you have actually booked for CSA or are just shopping for a possible destination. Regardless of what your plans turn out to be, have a great trip. If you happen to choose it, I think you will love CSA. Besides all the above, they have the best beach ever. I love the beach!

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