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    Default What made you fall in love with CN?

    What made you fall in love with Couples Negril?

    Was it the serenity and location on Bloody Bay?
    Was it the design and layout of the resort?
    Was it the depth of the beach?
    Was it that it had an AU Natural beach?

    We all had things that made us fall in love with a particular resort. What's yours?

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    Hmmm the whole resort is what makes us fall in love with it. From the Couples lounge staff to the landscaping crew. Aldean on the beach every morning raking the beach to the bartenders, entertainment staff, servers and of course the watersports crew. All combine to make it the best expereince ever! Of course how can you not love the beach, clean and spacious and a lack of pushy vendors! The calm waters in the bay. I can go on for ever!

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    The staff!

    The beach is a close second.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    That first view from the lobby looking out over the pool and swim up bar! Breathtaking...

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    What we fell in love with at CN was -

    The beach & the where it's at on Bloody Bay. The water is so calm & the beach is gorgeous with all the trees. It feels so private. It's large enough that people are not on top of each other & fighting for a piece of sand to call theirs for the day.

    The pool area is beautiful & so convenient to everything. Lots of trees for shade & very handy for drinks & snacks. Big enough that it never feels crowded.

    Love the activities that are offered through out the day. You can keep busy if you like or do nothing at all.

    Love the layout of the resort. It's so handy for everything. Not a long walk no matter where your room is.

    The staff is great & makes you feel like you're special.

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    Jim - it was that first view of the pool area as we walked out of the lobby. It was the people who worked there. It was the people who were guests there. It was the utter privacy of the beach. It was the sunsets.

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    Being able to get a soft-serve ice cream cone at midnight

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    I can't quite put it into words.
    All I say is Couples Negril
    is MAGICAL!
    This picture of our last trip
    a few weeks ago just says it all.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    It is something magical.

    Where else do you find that complete inner peace. That total state of relaxation.

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    I guess we are the only addicted ones.

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    I have to agree with Papa Smoke, it was the first view of the pool and swim up bar. And view of Bloody Bay, it truly is what, for me, paradise should look like. That view started what I would call a crush.

    But it was the warmth of the people, the smiles, the freindly hellos that captured our hearts and won't let go.

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    Default what grabbed us

    we came our first time this past April....what grabbed us was the atmosphere.....the fact that it was a 'couples' only resort added a lot to it. Not having to worry about having money on us for every little thing. The people we encountered were great. We are of course returning next April as we plan to do CN every just has it all!!!!

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    Let's just hope not TOO many people find out what we know about Couples Negril. The place will get too crowded. You are so right
    about the inner peace. While you are there you do not have a worry in the world.

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    We have no problem with CN being full to capacity. We packed the house in April 2006. The staff stepped up to the plate and did a outstanding job at taking care of everyone. Crowded? Sure didn't seem it to us.

    Perhaps if we keep the resorts full all the time there won't be a need for rate increases. Now wouldn't that be a nice feature!

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    Hello all,

    I have to agree with Papasmoke, the first time we stepped off the bus and was told "Welcome home" I was like what did he say? Then I walked over to the railing and looked out over the pool and the beach,I fell in love!!!!

    Now we have gone 3 times and I love coming "home". I've never felt quite like this about any other resort.

    I do love the food!!!!! It is exceptional. From the Panna Cotta, the Lychee martini that tastes like grapefruit. The nachos at the Grill. The menu is amazing!!!! No one will ever get bored with the food.

    My husband and I decided to go swimming in the pool at about 11:00pm. Nothing was said!! We brought beer from the mini fridge in the room(stocked daily) and had a wonderful night swim.

    I could go on forever!!!

    I absolutely love this resort.!

    One Love,

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    The staff! No question!

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    EVERYTHING!!! We Love Everything about CN... so CN made us fall in love with CN!!!
    CN is our Paradise !!!

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