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    Default Couples Weddings - Need Input

    We are looking at November 2011 to get married at one of the Couples resorts. Our friends go yearly to the Negril resort and recommended it to us. After doing ALOT of research I was wondering if anyone had any real experience at the different resorts for weddings.

    It will probably just be my fiance, myself, our parents and maybe another couple, if that.

    I am looking at the wedding experience as well as the rooms. This is our first time to Jamaica and to an all-inclusive, so I want to make this trip a very memorable and amazing honeymoon.

    I was hoping to get feedback on the different room types, and what was worth the extra money.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback. I just want to try to do as much homework as possible!

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    Default CSA every time

    I got married at CSA and it was very romantic and would not change a thing, there were a least a wedding going on every day but you feel like your the only one, the room was lovely, wedding breakfast on the Terrance, I also re newed my wedding vows at CTI and although it was a good day it wasn't as nice or glamous as CSA, it feels more like a hotel type of resort where CSA felt more like mini apartments, I would get married every year at CSA if I could, hope that helps....x

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    We just got married at San Souci at the end of October and it was outstanding! We didn't pay for a lot of extras, just pictures (using the resort photgrapher, Claudia, and they were fantastic)and the champagne cruise for us and our two guests. The gazebo is shaded in the hot, muggy Jamaican day. My recommendation is to get married at ANY of the Couples'll love it and it'll be one of the best days of your life!

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    LBMV - What is the champagne cruise, I have seen that a few times posted. I am getting married at Sans Souci in July and was just in the process of booking a private catamaran, but maybe this is something I might consider!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunstarsmoon View Post
    LBMV - What is the champagne cruise, I have seen that a few times posted. I am getting married at Sans Souci in July and was just in the process of booking a private catamaran, but maybe this is something I might consider!
    The sunset cruise is a smaller speed boat, it was just about right for 4 of us plus 2 staff. It was $90 per couple and we were our for about an hour and a half. (There was also room on the boat for 4 bottles of champagne!)

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    LBMV - thanks for the response

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    Default Wedding at CSA

    We got married at CSA just about 3 weeks ago, and would not change a thing. It was a great experience!!!
    I dreamed about the wedding before, but CSA topped all my dreams!!
    We were alone, without any family and friends. But all people at CSA made us feel like being at home and created us a special and unforgettable weddingday!!
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    I'm getting married at CSS in May and I've seen a few rave reviews about Claudia (resort photog). Does anyone have pics to post that she took? It would be greatly appreciated!

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    My husband and i got married in oct at cti. It was the most amazing experience ever. It was only the 2 of us there but we never felt alone. Our wedding was on the beach at 10am and was perfect. The staff at cti took care of every detail all we had to do was show up. I would recommend a wedding at cti to anyone. We had such an amazing to that we are plannig to go back next oct for our anniversary! We would have gone this year too but my 14 year old daughter would kill me if i left her home we are going on a cruise. Anyway, im sure which ever resort you choose for your special day will be just will have no regrets!!!! Good luck to you. I will get my husband to post our pictures on here for all the questioning brides too be!! Jennifer

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    Spud, I haven't been to any Couples resorts either. My fiance and I are getting married at CTI in August. We just booked it this past weekend.

    My best advice to you is to pick the resort that most appeals to you. We had friends recommend both CSA and CTI. We also read the message boards and heard amazing things about CN and CSS. So all of them are awesome.

    But you have to pick the one that feels right for you. Ask yourself which resort do we keep looking at the most? Which one are we most drawn to?

    For us, we were just drawn to CTI. Maybe it was the horseback riding, the private island, the smaller resort feel, or that it was further from the airport. Or maybe it was just the vibe we got from looking at the photos, seeing the wedding pics, and reading the reviews.

    Whatever you decide, it will be absolute paradise for you and your fiance. After you make the decision on where, you can start planning your amazing wedding! CONGRATS!


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    The likelihood of finding one person who's been through two weddings at separate resorts is slim.

    As noted, look at pics, inclusions, etc...follow your instinct.

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    I wasn't sure on where to choose 100% either... AT FIRST. I chose CSA and never looked back. I knew I wanted the Negril side of the island for those amazing sunsets! It just spoke to me, you should look at the pictures and resort layouts, they will really help you.

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    I had a hard time picking a resort for my wedding also. I am getting married May 21st @ CN. At first my fiancee and I looked at CSA. CSA didn't have the date I wanted to get married avail. CSA was very appealing to us but then we noticed CN. My fiancee loved the way CN looks. He said that it just looks really relaxing and laid back. At the time we booked CN it was after we moved our wedding from our home state to CN which was very stressful so anything that looked relaxing was fine for us. It was hard for us to pick but I don't regret choosing CN. I hope I don't regret it once we get there. Maybe next year for our anniversary we will go to CSA. CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK CHOOSING!!


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