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    Default Meet the People Program

    I was sent a booklet from our travel agency yesterday. In it there is an activity listed as Meet the People Program. Has anyone every participated in this program? I would love to go and visit one of the schools. Is two weeks enough time to set thing up?

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    Hi! We did the Meet the People program in 2005 and enjoyed it. My husband is a police officer so they had a really nice gentleman pick us up at the resort and take us to the Ocho Rios Police Department. We got to see how primitive it is compared to the United States and meet some really great people. Then we met with the Police Chief who at first didn't seem really happy that we were interupting his day, but then all of the sudden he got a phone call and from then on out we were treated like royalty-still never figured that one out. He then was really nice and informative answering all of my husbands questions, and then when I mentioned that we had brought school supplies and were hoping to visit a school during our stay, he offered to take us! LOL So anyway, he took us in his car all through Ocho Rios, we visited a school, went to Fern Gully and he took us up into the mountains and showed us some of the the most well off areas and then some of the poorest of poor places people live. Very eye opening! We stopped and had refreshments with some locals and had a really great afternoon. The whole time the ambassador from the Meet the People program was with us and then he took us back to the resort. Nicest guy who taught us so much. I would recommend it, I am not sure if 2 weeks is enough, but worth a try. I set it up about 4 weeks ahead of time and heard nothing before we left after I sent the email, and then on our second day at the resort, we got a phone call in our room to set up a day to do it which suprised me. So if you sign up and don't hear anything, don't be surprised if you still get to once you are there, you just may hear from them! Have a wonderful trip!!!!

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    Not sure what info you have, but I found this a couple of months ago:

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    Default Meet the people program

    I would also love to go out and meet some school children! What's the scoop? I will be staying at CSS in Feb 2011.

    Thanks for any info you can give?
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    We did this 10 years ago from CTI. My husband is a Firefighter and wanted to meet with the guys in one of their fire stations. I was a little nervous 10 years ago about leaving the resort. But is was great. A representative from Meet the People came and picked us up and stayed with us the entire time. My husband was thrilled with the trip. It was also an eye opening experience seeing the equipment they had to work with. Unfortunately, I don't remember how far in advance we set it up. Hope it works out for you.

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    Thanks everyone for your stories and replies.

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