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    Default couples negril 10th jan -24th ..anyone else?

    hi all just looking to see if anyone will be at couples around same time as us looking to meet friends ..will be getting wed on 17th so will need witnesses thats also my 28th birthday too xxx

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    Default thats jan 2011 :)

    hi sorry forgot to mention...couples negril jan 2011 lol

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    Hi, we are getting married on January 13th we are there the 10th-17th! how exciting!

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    excellent...whom you flying out with? were flying with thomas cook from gatwick on 10th at 9.45am .our names are valentine smith and marie longley, im 27 and vals 24 i will be 28 when we get wed..on the 17th shame you wont be there to see our wedding but we may see yours , be good to meet up for a drink . where are you having your wedding? ours will be the gazebo or by the pond where ever is coolest as my dress is very traditional

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    Me and my soon to be wife michelle will be there the 9th through 16th. My name is Chris i am 30 will be 31 in january, and she will be 28. We definitely can't wait to be there hope to meet you guys. We are a laid back East Texas couple and I love My Jim Beam LoL! Hope i can get it there. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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    Longley123: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Are you getting married AT CN? I love it there! My Hubby and I had 3 very memorable vacations at CN til he lost his battle with lung cancer 5 months ago. So I am sending my Daugher and her Fiance to CN for a "pre-wedding get-away" and they'll be there from Dec. 18-24, same time as you! I haven't introduced her to the message boards yet but keep an eye on both the CN posts and the regular message board every day! Couples Negril is Paradise!

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    Oh darn, I just realized you're in JANUARY, not DECEMBER. Shucks!

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    Hey Longley123,
    We will overlap you slightly. 1st Jan through 15th. It is our 17th trip to CN. We're from the UK too. Would recommend the ponds by the Spa for your wedding. Hardly anyone uses that location but it is probably the coolest spot. It's where we had our ceremony. We are meeting up with a few of our friends from the States while there.
    Hopefully see you there (we'll be by the swim up bar most days)

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    hi everyone will be good to meet you all there, im val marie`s (longley123) partner future hubbie....77 days until we are there cant wait . will see you all for a drink look out for us or you can e mail us at i am 25 and marie is 27 will be her 28th birthday when we get wed x

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    Myself (Ashley) 26 and husband Terry (48) will be there 1/14/11-1/21/11...Very excited! This is my first time in Negril but Hubby's 3rd time..

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    My wife and I will be there from the 26 to Feb 9th, congratulations and wishing you 2 all the best on your holidays, we will come by for the toast to the bride

    Pat and Judy
    Ontario Canada

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    Default CN 1-8-11 to 1-14-11!!!

    Hi everyone.. My husand and I will be visiting CN for the 1st time Jan 8 & then to CSA Jan 14-18.. We are so excited! My name is Amy (28) and my husband Al is 40. We are so looking forward to it. And I saw someone needed a witness for that wk! If so I would love to be a part of your special day! If anyone has any advice for us, we would love it. First time to Jamaica!

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