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Thread: Pillow ? at CTI

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    Default Pillow ? at CTI

    Sounds like a crazy question, but I need a very soft pillow for my neck or will have migraines the whole time I'm there! Are the pillows at CTI soft and fluffy or should I bring my pillow from home with me?

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    Back in the mid 90's, the then COR, was starting to transfer to all foam pillows. However, they still has some feather pillows, but you had to call housekeeping for one. Today, I believe that CTI has gone to all foam pillows. I too am a life long feather pillow person, but the adjustment I had to make while at CTI was less difficult than I had imagined.


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    Soft and fluffy!

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    I always get the best sleep while at CTI. Their pillows are nice and fluffy and the bedding is very soft and comfy.

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    I think they are soft, but to make sure you have a good time, I would bring yours. No reason to take a risk. They do give you four per room.

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    The pillows are FABULOUS!!!!! Very soft and fluffy!!!! (wanted to bring one home with me....but I refrained!)

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    I don't remember how soft they were but I think you should bring your own just in case.

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    Just ask for the type you like. I like firm foam pillows. If you like soft feather pillows ask for them. Feather pillows KILL ME. But not you....

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    Default Thanks All

    Talked it over with my other half. Apparently, he is insisting that I bring my pillow with--something about always waking up on the wrong side of the bed when I don't have my pillow! Since we're leaving at God-Awful o'clock Sunday morning, it will be nice to have for a nap on the plane. Take care all! SIX more days to CTI!

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    Default Pillows at couples?

    Do all Couples Resorts offer the choice between foam and feather pillows?

    And if so, are there options beyond that?

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    My husband and I thought that the pillows were fantastic at CTI, in fact we have two of them on our bed at home, no we didn't pack them away we bought them. I really wish we can find some more.

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    I would definitely bring my own. I have the same issues and none of the pillows at any of the three Couples we have been to have been soft enough. I made many requests for a feather pillow whle at CSA and never got one and since have always brought mine with me.

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    If the wrong pillow will cause you to have migraines, they I would not take the chance and take yours from home.

    No reason to risk a great vacation.
    Irie Mon

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