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    Default excursions at CSS, should we book ahead or at the resort??

    we will be first timers in jamaica at css nov 13-21 and was wondering if we should book excursions before or after we get there?? I have only heard of one group called chukka(sp), if anyone has suggestions, we are very open to them!!!


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    When you are going there is no reason to book in advance. Once you arrive visit the customer relations desk and you can book excurisions that you want

    Your first time to Jamaica! Once you go you will know

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    we booked all of ours when we got to css and had no problems

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    You can do either, but we booked in advance online at and went on chukka zipline and it was cheaper booking that way.
    And the tour desk confirms it for you.

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    You can book excursions at the Tour Desk in the lobby area once you get there. They are very helpful in acquainting you with what's available and getting your excursion arranged, to include transportation.

    Been to CSS 3 times and hope you enjoy your stay as much as we have!

    Bart & Bug

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    I haven't been to CSS yet (we just booked last night for July), but we were at CTI in July and I strongly recommend booking after you get there. I was thinking about booking before we got there too, but was sooo glad that I didn't. When you get there, u get a better feel of the schedule and resort activities and there is usually plenty of time to book an excursion 24 hrs in advance. We ended up not doing anything other than the activities that the resort offered and didn't regret it at all.

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    I would recommend hiring a Private Driver to explore outside of the resort. They will give you a more intimate day and make sure you are not exploited or harrassed. Also a Private Driver will cater to your desires.

    Last year while at CSS we hired one who picked us up early and drove us up through Fern Gully and into the hills to Nine Mile to visit Bob Marley's birthplace. We arrived before all of the tour Buses and got a private tour with Captain Crazy. On way out Buses began to arrive with at least 30 people per bus. After Nine Mile our driver led us through the countryside, stopping for Red Stripes at very local/rural establishments. Also stopped at a Great House, which is an old English Home from the 1600's, and given a tour. This is a wonderful way to discover the Jamaica outside of the resort. Our first 6 trips to Jamaica we travelled about and met the people, and only very recently started staying at Resorts. We could never spend our entire trip at resort, without venturing out to meet the truly amazing, hard working, and generous people of the island. Ocho, MoBay, and Negril do not reflect the true experience of the real Jamaica. Be forwarned though that there is alot of poverty that you may not be accustomed to and Bathroom stops could be alarming.

    Definetly recommend getting out without a Tour Bus. I could provide info on several different drivers and other ideas if you like. I attached some Pics of our Day Trip.

    MN YaMon
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    It all depends on how long you are staying at CSS. There are excursions that are included, Dunns River,Ochos shopping trip,Margaritaville. You might not want to spend much more time away from CSS once you see how beautiful the resort is. But to answer your question, you don't have to book in advance. You can book any excursion from the guest services desk. Also they have all the brochures there for you to look at and make your mind up.
    "Once you know"

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    I would wait until you get there. The resort can book you on outside excursions. You may find once there, that you do not want to do much more than the included excursions, if anything at all.

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    MN Ya Mon,

    I'd love info on drivers. We will be at CSS in Dec.

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    MN Ya Mon, we would also like info on a private driver. Here's my e-mail pmryan511 at aol dot com. Thanks, or post yours and I'll get in touch. Thanks so much!
    Paula & Greg

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    MNyamon I would love info on private drivers.

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