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    Default Age Range of Au Naturel

    My wife and I are going on our honeymoon to CTI and are excited to try the AN at the Island. We were just curious as to the age range and average with the sun worshippers.

    We have nothing against anyone at any age, just curious. It seems that a lot of the people who embrace this are 40+ and just curious if there will be any people our age (late 20's)

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    The one time we visted the island (Trading Places from SSB) we saw some couples in their late 20's/early 30's there. The thing is, no one thinks of age on the island. If you are comfortable with yourself and your relationship with each other, you will be comfortable with those on the island. Go and have a great time.

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    When my husband and I went this past summer we were 25 and 26, and there were a few other couples our age there.

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    You'll probably get the same response from everyone, but: there are all ages. I am 47, my husband 57. We are friends with a couple in their mid-20's who we met at CTI, and they go to the island, we have seen every age from "way past retirement age" to 20-ish. On any given day it is a pretty good cross-section of society.

    I hope you enjoy the experience!

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    We don't know where we're going yet as we booked the secret rendevous package. We'll find out next week, as we're going November 18-25. (can't wait!)

    We're crossing our fingers for CTI, CSS, or CN because we are wanting to try AN. (first timers) I myself am 26, and my guy is 37. It seems as though all ages go AN, I guess it just depends on when you go, and who else is there!

    We're very excited to try AN (again, fingers crossed), and I've read on the posts a variety of ages that go AN. But, I can see your point of view that alot seem to be 40+. Perhaps that has to do with a certain level of comfort, and experience already doing AN?

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    My wife and I are the same age and wondered the same thing. When we were at CTI the average age was probably 45-50 but there were plenty of younger couples over there. We also met younger couples on the "mainland" and convinced them to come over and they all had a blast.

    We were most recently at CSS and it was more younger honeymoon couples than older couples. The average age was probably 30-35 with many people in their 20's.

    It is probably all hit and miss though, just depends on when you go. Heck, once you're naked it doesn't matter if you're 20 or 70, the ones who will be socializing at the bar are all looking to have fun and everyone we've met au natural have been great people and we've kept in touch with many through Facebook!

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    Jason&Tiffy... I can only speak as to SSB at Sans Souci. Yes, it is true that the average age is considerably older than yours. However, there are often at least a few couples in their 20's and 30's. My very youthful looking, fifty-something wife and I can only conclude that many of the younger set are (ironically) wound a little too tight to relax about their appearance and/or have not gotten to that "what-the-heck" stage of life. That's too bad. We really wish we had discovered SSB much earlier in our lives. Headed back there for the fifth year in a row, late this month.

    I strongly encourage you to NOT let any age differential discourage you from heading to Tower Island asap! You will find very fun people of many ages, and possibly discover that cross generational friendships can be uniquely rewarding. There is a delightful couple from the U.K. we see each year at SSB who are in their 70's and 80's! They add so much warmth and fun to our experience. The same year we met them, we also met and spent time with a twenty-something couple from upstate New York. We all had much life insight to offer and had a great time together.

    Also consider a "trading places" day at Sunset Beach. That way you will experience both of the north shore Couples au-natural beaches. We did a CTI trading places day last year and enjoyed the contrast, although Sunset Beach is our place in the sun.

    Congrats on your wedding... have a great honeymoon! You have made a very savvy choice for a uniquely romantic Jamaican holiday.

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    We will be there, actually leaving Monday morning. We are first timers and are 29 and 30 years old.

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    Tower Isle has all ages - from 20 to 95. The age medium age is most likely forty or so. The reason is simple, the younger groups have kids and Couples is for couples only.
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks for all the insight. We both already have friendships with older couples and definitely know that it provides a different sort of perspective and wisdom of life. To be honest, we're just so excited to be going and it's 4 months away so we are asking tons of questions and learning as much as possible. Wifey is a bit nervous about the AN but I told her that after a couple drinks she'll be all good.

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    We are in our mid twenties and last year in November at SSB there were probably 3 other couples in their 20's. Most people were mid 30's to 60's. Not a problem as everyone was so nice.

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    It really depends on the day and the crowd. We started going to TI in our 20's and are now approaching 40 and just went again. In our most recent visit, there were a few days where half the crowd was younger, and a few days where we may have been the youngest. Once you're there, you lose awareness of age or image. I agree with Jon that the resort seems to attract newlyweds and those with older or grown children as its too difficult to get away from smaller kids for a week. Enjoy!

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    We were 29 when we went the AN beach in Negril last. There were only 2 other couples at the time there, both of which were older...but that didn't bother us. Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CNLOVERS View Post
    We were 29 when we went the AN beach in Negril last. There were only 2 other couples at the time there, both of which were older...but that didn't bother us. Have fun!
    Now that's tolerance!

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    We are in our late 30s. When we went to CTI in September, the couples on the Isle were mostly close to our age. Some were a bit older, some a bit younger, a few much older, a few much younger. Couples of all ages are equally accepted and if you want to socialize, most are friendly.

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    Expect that most couples will be between late 30's and mid 60's. Median age perhaps late 40's, early 50's. I am sure it varies by resort and dates visited. That's what we have noticed during our various visits. We are 40 & 42 and have ALWAYS been amongst the youngest people there. The couples we have met though that are in their 60's have been some of the nicest, most awesome people we have met. A/N really is a magnet for really great, accepting, fun people!

    SSB in 39 days!!!!
    CTI - Dec, 2005 & Dec, 2006
    CN - Oct, 2008
    CSS -Dec, 2009 & Mar, 2011

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    Can't speak for CTI, but when we went to SSB @ CSS, there was a variety of ages. We are in our 30s.

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    We are 28 & 30. You will see early 20's to 80's. No matter the age we are all young at heart when we are naked

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    We are in our 40's, but act like we are in our 30's and sometimes drink like we are in our 20's.....which means we wake up feeling like we are in our 80's.

    Does that help with the age question????

    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    All ages, all body types, all types of body decorations or lack there of. That is what makes such a unique experience as no one cares. My guess on why there tends to be an "older" crowd is that we are more comfortable in our relationships.

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    In naturism, age is just a number.

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    Billy, I love this line: "We are in our 40's, but act like we are in our 30's and sometimes drink like we are in our 20's.....which means we wake up feeling like we are in our 80's." My husband and I are in our late 50's and that sentence describes us perfectly. Only 49 more days!

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    In naturism, age is just a number.
    I agree you will definitely see all types of 'figures' in the AN area

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    We were both pushing 70 for our first AN experience at CN, and it will not be our last. Big regret of not doing it earlier. The AN experience is ageless.

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    When we were there in December, there were all ages. We heard the younger people in their twenties state it was just gross. We tried it for the first time and loved it.

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