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    Default What to wear at CSA?

    Hi All,
    I know this has been asked hundreds of times before, but I couldn't find those specific, I'm wondering what to wear at night while at CSA? I'm also wondering about the Friday night beach party...shorts or dress? When at the "non-formal" restaurants, what do the ladies normally wear? I'm afraid the things I have are too dressy...
    We are headed there in just 16 short days--can't wait!!!

    Thanks for any feedback...

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    Sexy tops and capris. Sundresses. Sexy sandals.

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    I wore capris with cute tops and sandals most nights and felt very comfortable and appropriate (dressier top for Lemongrass, less dressy for Palms). I wore a dress to Feathers and all the other women there were also wearing dresses.

    The main thing to remember is that all the restaurants are open-air except for Feathers so it's very warm. I took a lot of sleeveless things.

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    We went to CSA for our honeymoon a couple years ago. We had gotten married in FL and a lot of things were sent back home with a friend. In the commotion my nice shoes were sent home instead of being put in my luggage. Doh! We spent the first two days going to the grill for dinner because I thought I didn't have appropriate shoes to eat dinner at any of the restaurants. The thrid day.. I scoped out the scene and realized most people were wearing shorts, flip-flops & sandals. DOH!
    What I learned is that they prefer that you be as dressy as possible. There were certainly people dressed to the nines. But the only restaurant where they will "enforce" the dress code is Feathers.
    I say wear what you feel best in and spend no time worrying about it!

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    When we were there this summer all I wore at night was sundresses. We'll be back later this month and I'm hoping it's warm enough to do the same.

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    Hi Andrea -

    Women at CSA wear all kinds of outfits for evening....I like sundresses or skirts and camisoles. For the Beach Party I'd still wear a sundress and bring a shawl (a shawl to Feathers too, because it's airconditioned). The Beach Party is on the water, so a shawl is a nice add, because you can always drape it over your chairback, but you'll find women wearing shorts, capris or sundresses there. Just remember to bring some bug repellant for this event. For Lemongrass (which used to be reservations only and dressy - I don't know about now) and Patois you'll generally still find women a little dressed up. For the Palms maybe a little less so.

    If you're thinking about super dressy as in nightclub (lots of sequins) or wedding (lots of chiffon), which might be kind of warm in Jamaica, either of these choices might be a bit much.

    What you should take away from this is that (with the exception of Feathers, which asks for dressy), really whatever you decide you'd like to wear, as long as you're comfy and your hubby loves it, you're definitely good to go!!

    We're arriving at CSA on the same day you are - can't wait to get there!!!

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    Hi Andrea - I wear dresses a lot for work (so much easier than suits) and I love to wear dresses at CSA. I don't have to worry about matching tops and shorts/capris. Although I bring shorts along, most dinners I'm in a summery-type dress.

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    I agree with majority of the posters, SUNDRESSES are a must-take item. I took some cute tops and capris for the evenings, but I did not take any sundresses...Before I left for CSA, I recalled thinking that I would be ok without them, but as soon as I got to CSA I realized it was a HUGE mistake. The sundresses looked so tropical and vacation-like on all the ladies who wore them there and I wished I would have taken some. And of course when it's time to take a nice photo they look much nicer than capris and shorts. I messed up by not taking any this time, but it will never happen again. Next time and there will be a next time, I'm ALL about the sundresses! Well, those and bathing suits... Have a GREAT time.

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    I agree on the dresses! In the past I have taken a couple of dresses, capris, cute tops, skirts etc. Way too much stuff to be honest. This year it is all dresses. They are more comfortable, cooler and look better when the spare tire starts to form from all that food!

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    Thank you everyone for the replies. You were all a huge help! I think I'm just simply over-thinking it. I need to focus on the great time I'm going to have!
    Have a great trip for those who are going back soon! Maybe I'll run into you!

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    Sundresses for sure. They are easy and cool. I brought several of them and wore one every night. I had a few long ones and a few shorter ones and I was so comfortable every night yet looked nice at the same time. I only needed like 2 pairs of little sandles for the eveneing and then one pair to wear during the day. EASY. It is so easy to over pack and I try so hard every year not too. The only thing that gets me is the humidity that keeps things damp which can cause things to get stinky and damp. So I was glad I brought several outfits to work out in and several bathing suits. I was so happy to have brought the woolite this time to wash our suits in the sink. It really helped. Especially my husbands suits cause. lol

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