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    Default So what is the best time?

    To visit Jamaica? My wife and I went to CN for our honeymoon, and now we are itching to get back! We want to go sometime in 2011, and we have heard different opinions on the best times to go. Just wanted to get everyone's input, much appreciated!

    And, does everyone use a travel agent? We used a travel agent last time, but wanted to save a little money this go round. So if everyone could give their input on that too, it would be great!

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    The most popular (and thus most expensive) time to visit Jamaica is during the winter months when people want to get away from the cold.

    No, not everyone uses a travel agent. While some people are more comfortable having others make arrangements for them, others prefer to handle the details of their vacations themselves. My husband and I have visited the various Couples Resorts for a total of 18 trips and have never used a travel agent. We book directly with Couples, with our primary air carrier, and with Tim Air. It all depends upon your experience and comfort level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edubb113 View Post
    And, does everyone use a travel agent? We used a travel agent last time, but wanted to save a little money this go round. So if everyone could give their input on that too, it would be great!
    Most travel agents do not charge - shop around! We get paid by Couples and unless she/he is charging you for their time to search airlines (which we don't get any commission on), I am unsure of the travel agents charge...double check that you were getting charged and question them on it! I never charge my clients any extra unless it were extenuating air type travel only and then I would let them know.

    Good Luck. And I would recommend going in November as the Hurricane season is just winding down (though this year is probably the worst year in history - LOL)

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    We have been to Jamaica 14 times and use a travel agent every time. It doesn't cost us a penny more...that's a naughty rumor. In fact, I start looking at prices on line months ahead of booking and when it's time I call her and she always matches what I see online and often even gets me a better price.

    This year we had a huge glitch with the airline, they decided to change our flight times giving us 4 minutes (yes that was four minutes) to make our connection in Atlanta on the way to Montego Bay. Our travel agent emailed me with this info as well as several options for new flights either on the same airline or others. All I had to do was call her tell her what I wanted and she did the work of cancelling the flight and rebooking the new one while I went back to work on a busy Friday afternoon. Also, clearing security leaving Montego Bay this year it appeared they had lost my passport when they took it from me. We looked and looked and finally I told my husband "call Debra and get her working on a way to get us out of here". Fortunately it was found moments later but I knew I didn't have to panic because she would know just what to tell us to do. Those are just a couple examples of the advantage of using a travel agent, someone you can call when things are going just quite right. And again, there is NO extra charge.

    The cheapest time to go is during hurricane season. Yes, it's a risk but our anniversary is in November and we've always gone then and only once had a storm close by.

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    Typically winter months are best to avoid those tropical spring & fall storms. Summer months are okay too, but hot with some humidity and more bugs.

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    We go in December, after hurricane season is officially over, but before the rates go up for Christmas. And it's cold enough in WI at that point that we're still escaping some cold weather.

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    Travel agent or not, buy trip insurance! We have gone both ways, once booking on our own and once using a TA. I note the TA only beat the first price by about $100 (ironically the airfare was more expensive and the room less). Next time I will probably just book myself. We go in the fall, September/October. We like getting the price specials (FILA) and the timing works well with co-worker schedules (kids back in school, less people in the office on vacation). Last trip we came in on the end of Hurricane Gustov, and while it screwed up the ocean a bit, everything at the resort was just fine (and empty! I think a lot of people cancelled). We like the warmth and humidity of fall weather in Jamaica.

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    Thanks for all the respnonses!

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    jonnlis, we also leave Wisconsin in December, when it really starts to get cold, but before the rates go up. Where in Wisconsin are you from. We live in the central area (Loyal), about 20 miles from Marshfield, and about 60 miles west of Wausau. We leave on the 4th for CSS. How about you?

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    Hi Linda,
    We are in Oshkosh....southeast of you a bit. We leave on the 10th, but are heading the other direction and doing a CSA/CN split. Hope you have a really great time, and the weather is good for flying on this end, and good for laying on the beach at the other!

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    We use a travel agent and we pay less then we would through the Coupes sight. She also keeps track of better offers and rebooked us for June of 09 and saved us $400.

    We are going to in early Dec this year because it is the least expensive time.

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    Default Best time to visit

    For the past 1 1/2 years (since we discovered Couples), we been going twice a year; in April and in November. We leave in 2 days for our 4 trip to CSA. I really haven't noticed much difference in our visits whether its April or November. We enjoy both times of the year. I just started looking at prices for April 2011. I haven't used a TA in 10 years; we book everything online ourselves.

    Before discovering Couples, we've traveled to Mexico, Bahamas (twice a year), the DR, Puerto Rico, the VI, etc. However, we've not been to any other place than CSA since discovering it a 1 year and 1/2 ago.

    I often wonder when will this obsession with CSA be over!!!! Will I ever travel anywhere else again????

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    Anytime is a good time to go to Couples. We went in June and it was great, but we are from the desert so our gage of temps is a little different then most.

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    In past years we have always gone over Christmas/New Years(get away from the Wisconsin weather). With Susie teaching our vacations are pretty much set by her school calendar. Next year(2011) we are going in April so we are excited to see what it is like at that time of the year. CSA soon come.

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    Jonnlis, I definitely know where Oshkosh is since my daughter went to college there. Also, my brother lives in Appleton, and another brother lived in Mayville. I also have family in Germantown and Menominee, so I travel through there from time to time. To bad we'll be missing you. Have a great trip.

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    We booked through Costco this time, with the best rate of anybody, including the resort itelf. We've done mid October both times before, lucking out with no storms, but this time we go in mid-November. Hoping for the best time yet. Good luck.

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    Anytime is the right time, except when a storm is near, and that can happen at anytime. The most popular time is the winter and early spring. This is when the rates are the highest, and the the resorts are the most packed.
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