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    The weather forecast for this week in ocho rios is sunny or partly cloudy. The forecast for next week, the week we'll be there, is showers all week. Now my fiancée is all worried that's it's gonna rain all week. Can someone please post that the showers are small short showers and we will mostly have sunshine?

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    Relax, the showers are small short showers and you will have mostly sunshine. Yours truly, Mother Nature

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    Ever been to Florida? I live there (here.) The rain in Jamaica is just like the rain in FL. It's sunny all day, toward afternoon clouds roll in. It rains for 30 - 60 minutes at 3pm and then the sun comes out again.

    The odds of that being your "rain" are good. Every once in a while we'll have a day that's rainy/cloudy all day, but that's typically only when there's a hurricane/storm in the area.

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    When my husband and I were there, the forecast said the same all week long. I was so worried! We had beautiful weather. It will rain nearly every day, but then the sun comes right out. Have a great trip!

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    You are in the tropics, so it will almost inevitably rain at some point, but the majority of the time, it most likely will not. Instead of those weather forecasts, just go to and look at the satellite images. These images are a much more accurate depiction of what weather is in the area. This time of year, weather is not usually an issue. As stated above, you might have an occasional afternoon or nighttime shower, but no worries!

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    No worries, it usually does not rain long. The rain keeps everything so beautiful.

    Great time for a nap or to get out of the sun or.... fun in the room

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    Just feel lucky that there’s no snow in your forecast.

    Life is good

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    I mirror what we has said. The weather is very similiar to Florida. Comes down hard for 20-30 Mins and then is fantastic. Nice to have because it does cool it down. Dont worry mon. You will have a great week.
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    We just returned from our 15th trip to Jamaica. I used to live on the websites looking at weather forecasts and they always predicted rain, rain, rain. But only one year have we actually had full days of rain and that's when there was a hurricane in the area. Years ago I quit looking at the forecasts at all, the only thing I will watch is the hurricanes. My husband lived in Miami for a while and as someone else from Florida said it rains everday in the afternoon there for just a short husband said you could almost set your watch by the afternoon rain shower. You'll get much the same in Jamaica, a short rain in the afternoon on many days (it's not even every day). But it really doesn't last long and it really doesn't bother you like you think it will. It's still warm so you can be outside...get under a palapa, head for the beach bar, sit on your verandah and watch the weather, even sit in the pool or hot tub as long as it's not lightning. Absolutely NOTHING to worry'll have a great time!

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