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    Default First timers to CTI 3/28/15 - 4/4/15....any tips?

    Any tips for a couple of first timers to CTI?

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    Go there with expectations of enjoying a stay at one of the 4 best resorts in Jamaica with staff that will do everything possible to make that happen. Look at the excursions and things to do so you can plan on those things you'd want to do and come home and tell all your friends and family about. Be flexible and ready to adjust that schedule once you get there as you adjust to "Jamaica Time". Relax and have the time of your life!!! Oh...and sign up for Romance Rewards so you can do a Trading Places visit to CSS and try out another of Couples' fabulous resorts while you plan your next visit. Have an awesome stay!!!

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    If you're at all curious about heading over to the island, do it on the 1st day so if you love it you can go back.

    Be prepared to change your list of things to do. Sand gravity has a way of swaying your opinions on what is important.

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    Enjoy the resort, you do not have to go on every tour of the island, get on Jamaica time "soon come"

    Yes, try the island early, if you don't like it then you can look at it all week from the main beach

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    Totally agree. Went to island on the first day and then spent most of our time there.

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    Jason B.

    Two of the best employees and ambassadors of CTi are Kirk(aka Capt Kirk) and Byron. They will treat you like a King & Queen during your stay. As already stated if you have any thoughts of heading over to Tower Island, do it day 1, you will kick yourself if you head over there near the end of your stay.

    Enjoy the Staff, the food and a Bob Marley or two.

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