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    Can anyone help me with some recipes for drinks at CSA?

    Reggae Sumfest, Higher Level, Cool Runnings, Secret Quench


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    I found this recipe (no amounts...sorry) for Reggae Sumfest:
    Light Rum
    Coconut Rum
    Creme de Banana
    Pineapple Juice
    Orange Juice
    Strawberry Syrup

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    Sadly, we just returned from CN, and I would also like to see the recipe for Cool Runnings. The only hits on Google had cranberry juice or grenadine and they looked red in color, but the ones I got at the swim-up bar didn't have anything red.

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    A higher level is just a strawberry daiquiri with pineapple added.

    We use strawberry daiquiri mix, add ice, rum, and pineapple and just blend it. I can make them pretty close to CSA's recipe by just experimenting with the right amounts.

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