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    Default Travel Insurance

    Does the travel insurance, that is an option when booking here, include vacation interruption? Like if we are there and have a family emergency at home and need to leave, does it cover the unused portion of our stay? Parents are older and Mom not in very good health, just trying to make sure I have all my bases covered when I book.

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    If not, you can shop around for a policy that does. We were in that same boat, with my wife's mother. Hope the insurance buys you a little piece of mind, but otherwise goes unused.

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    Read the policy carefully. It tells you just what is covered. We just returned from CSS the week before the storm was to arrive. We did not need it but WOW were we glad we had the protection. It often also covers lost bags (ours did) and other problems.

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    Where on here can I read that, I haven't been able to find it - thanks!

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    Default Insurance - Buy it!

    I always buy AIG trip insurance, you can buy it online and select the coverage you need. Purchase it as soon as you can after purchasing your vacation. Almost exactly one year ago we traveled to CN and had to return home the next day because our young daughter was hospitalized. The insurance helped cover some incurred expenses and allowed us to return to finish our vacation 6 months later, without too much out of pocket expense.

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