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    Default Daily Dose of Sweptaway...My Caribbean Blue Camaro

    Daily Dose of Sweptaway...My Caribbean Blue Camaro
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    Default couples negril...our 7th visit

    couples negril flowers
    there's my football!
    guarding the "au-natural" beach
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    Default The Beauty Of CSS...

    #1 Tejas Ode To Couples.
    #2 We Found The Perfect 2010 X-mas Ornament!
    #3 Lovely Surprise For Our 16th Anniversary!
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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Default November Photo Contest

    1. A crab at CSS holding on
    2. After the rain at CSA
    3. A Bob Marley at CSS
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    Default November Photo Contest

    1. Couples Swept Away September 1-15, 2010 view of resort from Sea
    2. Another unforgettable sunset at CSA
    3. Special Romantic Dinner being set up on the beach! So much fun!

    One Love,

    Jen & Ian Bonner
    Seattle, WA
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    No pictures added to this post?

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    Default November Photo Contest

    These were taken on our second trip to Couples Sans Souci for our first annversary

    1. Crackers says hello
    2. Mineral pool at dusk
    3. View from terrace at night
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    Default Couples Swept Away Wedding to Remember!

    Photo #1:
    A perfect Couples wedding for a couple who found their perfect mate!

    Photo #2:
    A Couples Swept Away sunset to end our wedding day.

    Photo #3
    The newlywed "couple" waiting to have breakfast at the beautiful, open air Patios restaurant.
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    Here are three photos from our July trip to CN. All my wife needed was me, a thong, earings, necklace, the beach and a adorable little young lady to teach how to swim every afternoon!!!!!!!
    Oh Damn! I forgot the cowboy hat also!!!
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    Default CTI June 3-8, 2009

    Name:  PICT0397.jpg
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    Couples CTI helped relax my husband so much, it brought out the kid in him and even the plates are happy there
    Name:  100_3898.jpg
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    My husband got up early one morning and chased the sunrise looking for the perfect shot over the island.
    Name:  100_3994.jpg
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    CTI entertainment at the beach party was hot, hot, hot

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    Default My Entries

    Couples Tower Isle October 11-21 2010 for my amazing honeymoon

    Picture #1 Prince Bob the fire breather at the Beach Party almost burnt off my eyebrows!

    Picture #2 Beautiful Tower Isle at night

    Picture #3 a delicious pyramid of Bloody Brains!
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    We had an amazing time at CTI in July! Can't wait to return home to Jamaica when we visit CSS next July!
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    Default November photo contest

    These are from our trip to CSA fron Oct. 28 - Nov. 2.

    1. We spent a lot of time in the hammock and had a great shot of sunset.
    2. Ultimate relaxation... sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand watching the sun go down
    3. Shot of the beach from the Cabana Grill.

    We loved CSA and can't wait to go back!

    Becky and Bill
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    Default Honeymoon pics

    My favorites from our honeymoon at CTI, Sept 19-26th, 2010.

    #1. Gorgeous view by the pool.

    #2. My favorite spot to take in the scenery.

    #3. Panoramic view of the resort from the pier.

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    1. Disembarking the catamaran @ CN

    2. Beautiful sunset from entrance of Otaheite Rest. - CN

    3. Early morning by the pool - CN

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    Sending again in a different format.
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    Living the good life at Couples Swept Away:

    Lobster night at Couples Swept Away! What could be better?

    The best bartenders in Jamaica are at Couples. They are always smiling and happy to fill a request or make suggestion. Couples Swept Away, 2010.

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    Default Heaven on Earth

    Myself and lovely wife of 32 years on our first trip to Couples Negril (and planning our next one already). After being pampered By couples Staff all day the evenings started with lovely sunsets and the resort lit at night . Loved every minute of it and counting the days till we return.
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    We stayed at Couples Negril October 8-18th. This was our 5th Visit. Nothing can say relaxation better than this....
    "Let Your Worries Float Away"
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    Default Night scenes

    Great pics everyone!

    Here are a couple night shots I took. First is looking down onto the Balloon Bar patio during casino night. Second is just a look at the stairs rising between D block (I think) and the Palazzina.
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    Default October 8-18th 2010

    Keeping a watchful eye for the divers from the dive boat.

    Best hammock to view the sunsets!
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    Default Photos from My First Jamaica Visit!

    "At last I can relax"
    Name:  Jamaica2010a.jpg
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    "Here it comes..."
    Name:  Jamaica2010c.jpg
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    "Hurricane Tomas shut us down"
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    Default CTI June 2010

    ** Arriving at the couples lounge is the most exciting part of the trip. It's just beginning.

    ** I want to live every day like this!

    ** Watching the sax player while we smoke some cigars.
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    Our first visit to Jamaica and CN Nov. 13th - 20th 2010. Time of our lives and are already planning our next visit in april!

    Our first Sunset

    Our last sunset before leaving

    An hour before leaving... saddest day!

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