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    Default November 2010 CSA

    1 Moon Halo
    2 Middle of the night on the beach
    3 Steps to paradise
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    We have been to Couples six times, twice to Sans Souci and four times to Couples Swept Away. Each visit has special memories and as soon as I leave, I yearn to be back! (And I hope these photos make it in the November contest---they are being posted at 8:47pm MST on November 30th!)

    The quiet and beautiful beach of Couples Sans Souci. You feel like you are the only one there!

    Overlooking the main pool area as the sun goes down on Sans Souci...again quiet and serene.

    The catamaran cruise at Couples Swept Away. A romantic way to end the day

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    Default Couples Negril

    The tranquility of Bloody Bay
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    Default Ocho Rios

    1 | "The Island" from our balcony...first night
    2 | Front entrance...ahhhhh mon....welcome!
    3 | We promised our daughter to take a picture of her Zu Zu Pet (International Craziness) on our trip. Mr. Zu Zu had a GOOD time.
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    That photo of the Cattamran cruise and sun is AWESOME!!!! We are on the way to CSA right now. Can't wait to take the cruise and hope "Rastie Ralphie" is onboard

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    Default you never k now who you'll meet at the cigar bar


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    Default Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away 10/29/10--11/7/10

    Our first time to Jamaica but not our last. Amazing beach, Amazing food, Amazing people...did I say it was amazing yet?

    The best seat in the house...
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    Words cannot describe...
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    Default CSA November 14-21, 2010

    1. Horseback riding along the beach at sunset
    2. The most amazing sunset of the week. You can't get better than this!
    3. View of the best beach in Negril!
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    Default Unforgettable trip to Jamaica

    Here are from our trip to Couple Swept Away from November 22 - 29.
    We had a wonderful time. We will be back. Thank you!
    Luc & Mireille

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    My new family from Jamaica

    Attachment 3784
    Goodnight Jamaica

    Attachment 0255
    Resting after a long day

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    Default Paradise Dream Come True

    Resort: Couples Tower Isle
    Stay: Sept 12. - 15th, 2010
    We are a young couple from Nevada who have been saving our lunch money for our first trip to Couples together! It was such a blessing to be able to experience what Couples had to offer and thank you for helping us celebrate our love. It was a dream come true.

    The new Catamarin Cruise captains taking a break for a kiss

    Beauty of Couples Tower Isle


    Our drink of choice! RUM PUNCH!

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    Default Couples Negril - June 23-27, 2009 (Lost our pics until yesterday. What a relief )

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    The End of a Glorious Day…A Start of a Romantic Night

    Name:  FLOWER.jpg
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    Reflections of Precious Moments like our Experience at Couples Negril

    Name:  ME ON FLOAT.jpg
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    Sun and Sand, Ya Mon! It’s All Irie
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    Default Couples Swept Away

    November 17th - November 21st
    1. Romantic Sunset
    2. Delicious Gourmet Food
    3. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!
    We will be back to visit again...
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    Default CSA 27 Nov - 4 Dec

    CSA - like being on your own island!

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    Stormy seas!

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    There's no better way to spend an anniversary!

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    Default Photo Contest

    So many great pictures, here are our three favorites: CSS 11/27 to 12/4. They look so much better in hi def!

    #1 We called it our "Over Proof Room", 151 stairs from the beach to the top of G block (G15) Spectacular!
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    #2 “ Jamaican Flower Cart”
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    #3 “Explore Jamaica”
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    Default Happy couple at CSA

    December wedding
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    Default Miss home

    From our patio in the morning at Swept Away.
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    Default CSA 12/7 sunset

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    Default CSA 12/7 sunset

    CSA 12/7 sunset
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    Default CSA we miss you

    1. Great dinner on beach
    2. Even the wild life like to drink for free!
    3. Our view eachday, we want to come back home!
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    Default Photo contest

    Couple Sans Souci Au Natural Beach with Saxophone Player Dec 2010
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    Default Wonderful vacation

    Beautiful views at Couples Sans Souci, Ocho Rios
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    Default Our Swept Away Honeymoon

    1. Love shining through
    2. Ready for some wind surfing!
    3. Local boy riding bike at sunset
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    Default My dream wedding

    I had my dream wedding at couples swept away and it was beautiful. I love the sunset in Jamaica !!
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    Default Dream wedding

    I had my dream wedding at Couples Swept Away. The sunset is beautiful....
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    Default Photo contest pictures

    Couples Tower Isle:
    View from 3302
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