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    Default Thanksgiving at CSA

    I did a search first but really did not get an answer.

    Does CSA offer a Thanksgving meal at any of the restaraunts?
    We will be there from 11/20 to 11/30. Maybe jerk turkey? LOL

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    Yes! CSA has a T'giving meal - we've been there for the last 3-4 T'givings, and always eat at Feathers - they have the turkey, etc. with a little bit of a Jamaican flair. We haven't eaten at the other restaurants, but I believe they probably also offer turkey and some of the fixins....I know Feathers has a deeelish pumpkin soup that you'll have to try.

    We love celebrating the holiday at CSA - helps us to realize how very much we have to be thankful for!!

    Hope to see you at Feathers!!

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    They also serve Thanksgiving food at The Palms.

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