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    Does anyone know if CN or CSA has handicap accessible rooms?? My husband uses a cane and needs rails in the shower to grab on to.
    Anyone else looked into this???? We are planning on one of the Negril couples in Feb. and an accessible room will help us decide which one??

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    My father is the same although he also uses a walker. Mom and Dad spent 2 weeks at CTI and found it fairly easy to get around. They are booked for CN this February and i have requested a handicapped room for them. They are booked for an oceanview room and from what I understand it will be in building#7. 2 years ago they went to CN and were in building# 3 in a gardenview. They found it was way too far to walk and had an awful time getting around. Dad finally borrowed a wheelchair but Mom was exhausted from pushing it around.
    I would not suggest CSA as the resort is very spread out and the walkways are not always smooth (paving stones etc)

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    At CSA some of the newer Garden Verandah rooms (ground floor) have ramps up to the verandah with access to the room. These units are at the end of the resort close to the Great House. I have never been in any of these rooms, but you might ask if they have grab bars in the bathrooms.

    There is a ramp that will take you from ground level to the Patois Patio and Feathers and the gift shops in the Great House. There is a ramp from the beach to the Cabana Grill, pool and hot tubs. Sea Grapes is on the beach. This fall we noticed that they have added permanent ramps to access the Sports Complex and the Spa. The Sports Complex lap pool has steps and railings to get in. I believe there are ramps into the Palms. The only things I am pretty sure are not accessible are Lemongrass (Thai restaurant), Martini Bar and Aura Lounge (where Ultimate Chocolate plays).

    When we were there last year, I met a woman who was in a wheelchair and was a CSA regular. She had been lobbying (via the Repaters dinner) for ramps for the Sports Complex and they had built temporary ones. These are now permanent. She told me that the staff had always been wonderful to her, even to the point of carrying her in and out of the ocean when her husband wasn't around to help.

    CSA is spread out but most of the paths are poured concrete and in good repair. The way it is laid out, no room is terribly far from the ocean.

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    I was at CN and fell and twisted my ankle. Ended up on crutches. I found the resort very easy to get around and you can do the entire resort without stairs. .
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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