Hello All,

I'm hoping for some opinions from all of you out there. How important/necessary is it to attend the orientation that is offered. My new husband and I will be arriving at CSA on August 5 (first timers). Our flight gets into MBJ at 12:40, so I'm figuring we should be at the resort around 3:00-ish. I know the orientation is at 5:00, but I'd love to be able to spend some time on the beach that first day. Due to our schedules, we are only able to stay 5 nights, so we want to get in as much as we possibly can. We have never been anywhere in the Caribbean, so our mouths are watering for the beautiful CSA beach!!!

I'm wondering if we need to/should attend orientation, or if it is easy enough to figure things out on your own. I have been religiously reading the message board and taking notes. Thanks for all the helpful hints from you veterans out there!! It really does help!

One more quick thing . . . where do we make reservations for Feathers?


11 days and counting!!