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    Default Rooms...yes again. ;)

    We stayed at CSA Dec 07 over Christmas in an ocean view verandah suite. It was an inside room and had a nice view. We are going back in Dec 09 and are thinking of a better room with more space and an even better view.

    Which is better -- beach front suite, or beach front verandah suite, or are we off track by thinking beachfront?

    Room numbers and or photos of really great rooms appreciated.



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    What are you willing to pay? The Beachfront Verandah Suite will be the same as the Ocean (View?) Verandah Suite, except for its location. You're just as likely to get an inside suite as an outside one (three floors, four suites to a floor, side-by-side).

    The Beachfront Suites in the original section are generally two suites on two floors, although three (I believe) of these blocks have two suites upstairs and one down. The bottom suite has a huge wrap-around verandah.

    The only issue with the Beachfront Suites is that a few of these buildings are oriented "out of parallel" with the beach. This causes one of the uppers to have a less than ideal view, which is unfortunate, given that most folks pay for the view.

    Good luck!

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