We loved CSA for our wedding and honeymoon, it was by far the best vacation we’ve ever had. The staff was great – especially Mae at the beach bar and Zavian the photographer. Not everything was perfect, but hey, we were on vacation!

Beach security was good (I spoke to several of the guards during my stay, they were friendly) but at times a bit intrusive. On several days the guard stationed himself right next to where we were sitting, close enough to hear everything we said. He actually set up his chair right behind us and, at one point, right next to us. We had to listen to all the radio traffic – not conducive to relaxation.

Surprisingly, there was only 1 small bureau with 4 drawers (2 medium size, 2 small) in our Beachfront Verandah room. My wife took the drawers so I hung shirts in the closet but had to leave the bulk of my clothes in the suitcase.

The beach musicians were great – they were grateful for tips but indicated they could use acoustic guitar strings as well. Besides the expense, the humidity on the beach makes the strings go dead quickly.

I wish I had known ahead of time about the staff/guest talent show. I didn’t see any signs or notices announcing or describing it (I found out later there was a one line listing for the rehearsal on the Activities sheet). Maybe next time…

All the restaurants were great (loved the Palms for breakfast and lunch) but it was hot and humid in Patois and Lemongrass (welcome to the tropics!). The idea of open air restaurants is great until you actually start eating and drinking. The lighting in Lemongrass (great food) was so dim that I could barely see what I was eating.

We can only hope we will be fortunate enough to return to CSA some day!