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    Quote Originally Posted by Muttley View Post
    Hey everyone!!!
    Wes & Deb from Ontario, Canada
    We will be returning to CTI March 17th - 24th
    Third time to CTI
    Looking forward to meeting new friends!
    Nice to see some Canadians!
    We will be there March 21-28!! Hope to see you there!

    Cara and Jason, from Nova Scotia

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    Cara and Jason from Canada
    March 21-28. First timers! Getting married on the 24th!!!!
    Can't wait!!
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    We don't have many photos of the two of us stashed online that I can link to. Here's a wedding photo, we do still look like this, but we're not newlyweds anymore! (Though, this IS our first real vacation together, so it feels like a honeymoon! :-D )

    Bridget and Bob, at CTI 3/15-3/22!

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    Default Full Moon for Mid March

    Hi Everyone!

    We are going to have a full moon on March 19th! In fact, this is going to be the closest the moon has been to earth in the last 18 years! Romantic walks and probably some late night parties as a result!

    We picked a great week to go to Couples!

    Richard and Lizzy
    5 days left! woohoo!

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    Hmm, I've never had this much trouble posting pictures to a message board! Here's a link instead. See some of you this week! :-D

    Rich, I am totally excited about the full moon! Got a small travel tripod for the camera, I'm hoping for some lovely beach shots!

    Bridget (and Bob, CTI 3/15-22)

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    Lizzy and Rich...we don't get in until later that evening. We'll meet you at the bars though!!!!

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    This is it! Tomorrow we will be "back home"! Everyone have a safe trip. We will see you on the beach or at the bar!


    Clayton and Sandy

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    Default Helicopter Ride

    Quote Originally Posted by tanda View Post
    we will be there March 27 thru April 1.

    Thom and Amy from OHIO

    Hi Tom & Amy! My boyfriend, Tim and I will be there from the 27th - 1st so we're sure to run into one another ) I was looking into possibly taking a helicopter ride back to the airport instead of taking the bus. Basically get another awesome activity in during what would have been travel time (wanted to try and do this for my boyfriend's birthday present). Would probably do this around noon to get to the airport for our 3 o'clock flight. I was looking into seeing if another couple leaving at the same time would like to split it with us (would be a little under $500 per couple). Just throwing it out there - let me know if you're interested in at all ) Either way - looking forward to seeing you guys at CTI!!!

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    We just found out today that our Secret Rendevous is at CTI! We are Tabitha and Kirk and we will be there 3/24-3/29, married at CSA in 2008 and this is our first time to CTI, can't wait!!! See you there!

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    Hello All!
    We will be coming to CTI on 3/22-3/29 - first time out of the country for both of us!
    John(39) and Monday(35)
    Amarillo, Texas (yee-haw)

    Can't WAIT!!

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    My wife and I are going to be at CTI from March 26 to April 1. We are looking forward to our first trip to couples. Hope to meet all of you there.

    Chris and Kate

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