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    Default Bringing wine to fine dining?

    "Coming home" for our 4th annual trip next month. We love EVERYTHING about Jamaica & Couples...except the wine. Realize Jamaica not known for their fine wines. Yes I know, just drink rocks! Anyway, we're thinking about bringing a couple bottles of our favorite CA wine to enjoy at dinner. Any issues with bringing in our own?

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    We have brought bottles in with no issues. Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinabug View Post
    . . . . Realize Jamaica not known for [its] fine wines. . . .
    Couples doesn't serve wine made in Jamaica.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    The only problem I can see is getting it to Jamaica.

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    That makes it nice when you can bring your own bottle. I will check on that when we have our holiday in August 2011.

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    Our ONLY complaint about CSA was the wine. When we were there last Feb.we were told they were addressing our complaints, as well as many others. See our review mentioning the wine here:

    This Feb. we will be at CSS for 10 nights. I'm wondering if anything has been done to improve the quality of Couples wine choices. Does anyone know?

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    We're gonna bubble wrap a couple bottles in our suitcase. Don't see any issues??? I'll report back an a few weeks, we leave the 18th.

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    My wife brings wine down, they have cardboard wine tubes you can get that we have used in the past.

    She just keeps it in the room and might bring a glass with her to dinner.

    She really enjoyed the wine they provided at the repeaters dinner last time we were at CSA, but isn't too fond of the regular house brand, even more so when its warm which happens at many of the outdoor restaurants, especially cassava terrace at CN.

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    I am doing the same thing for our trip in December. Although, I did speak with Sharie, the Concierge, and she sent me the new list of wines at CSA but they still don't have the one I want. Let me know if anyone runs into any problems doing this.

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    We've traveled with wine several times & have never had a problem. As long as you protect it well, you should be fine. We may bring some wine on our next trip to Couples in December, but I think that as far as banquet wine goes, Couples has better stuff than most places in the states.

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    We often bring a few good bottles for nice meals at Feathers etc. No problem Mon!

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    Sounds great Daire and Driver!
    Driverlady - that's exactly what I was thinking!! We will be at CSA next month from 12/10-12/19. Can't wait!

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    HI folks, I have brought various different beverages on vacation with us, wine, champagne (special occasion, bottle gifted to us on our wedding, brought it for our 5th anniversary), and wine, and I just wrap it real good in bubble wrap, and I have never had any problems.

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