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    Yes, our prayers are certainly lifted for the people of Haiti. Even if it remains a Tropical storm, it will be a disaster for those poor folks as so many thousands live in tents and make-shift coverings.

    For some of the best up-to-the-minute and visual coverage, we have found/use

    You can also get current coverage at

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    Default Still active?

    We are flying in on the 10th - was wondering what the staus is of Tomas or the forcast for the next week or so. Anybody have an update?

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    We are here now. It rained on & off all day yesterday, but not so bad. Today it is quite windy as the storm pulls away from Jamaica. I don't think it will rain that much if at all.


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    Default Friday Morning November 5th Update

    We're currently at CSS. Been here for a few days and have another week till we depart. Weather has been great with the regular squalls each afternoon. Today is the first morning with any wind to speak of and it's still not too bad.

    It would appear that Tomas is creeping by somewhat south of Kingston. There are a few things we're seeing change, but for the most part no big deal (for Jamaica). God help the people of Haiti..

    The Friday night gala has been cancelled and some room service isn't available, but beaches are open and populated. The local news indicates that what we're currently experiencing will be pretty much be gone later this afternoon.

    I haven't heard specifics about Montego Bay airport, but folks seem to continue to depart and arrive.

    We're glad we are here. If you're stressing over the weather, Don't. It's wasting your time.


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    Default At CTI 11/05 Friday

    I am in the media room of CTI right now on Friday 11/05 at about 11am... The storm has missed Ochy, and of course Mobay to the west. All of Jamaica should have little affect from Tomas, it's just a little windy today and still a bit overcast, but all in all a good day. Let us now shift our attention and prayers to the people of Haiti who are expected to be deluged with as much as 10 inches of rain and heavy winds.

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    Thanks for the update Tom. We were all holding our breath for a while fearing that Jamaica was going to get slammed. I'm very glad that didn't happen. And you're right about turning our attention to Haiti. That country could really use a break.
    I hope to bring the sunshine when we get there on Wednesday. We get in to MoBay about 11:00 a.m. We hope to make it to CTI by two at the latest.

    Give my best to Peggy. Soon come, mon.


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    We just got back from Negril on Saturday.. the weather was great all week except for Thursday nite and Friday. Surf was up .. and lots of seaweed. We enjoyed our vacation but was worried every day, when or where it was going to hit. The staff did a good job of keeping us informed. We were more worried about the people of Jamaica as we could leave after the storm but they coupld not. Roads back to Mbj were in some spots wet. but we did not see any flooding. Can't wait until we return.

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    Im at CSA now, and today (tuesday 11/9) is the first day the water activity hasnt been red flagged. But the weather is beautiful...not too hot and it hasnt rained since friday.

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    How is the beach now at CSA, I know it had some damage from TS Nicole, did Tomas make it worse, narrower?

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