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    Default Looking to meet couples

    We will be at CSS during the week of Nov 20 to the 27. We are splitting our time between CN and CSS. It would be nice to meet some new people. We are from SC.

    We have been counting the days and we are so excited as this is our first time to CN and CSS!!

    I am wondering about the weather and praying it wont be raining the whole time.

    -David and Ashli
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    Default Weather at CSS

    We go to Couples Sans Souci every November. Usually the second week of the month. In four years, we have had only 1/2 day of rain, and that was caused by bad weather the day before we arrived. Have a great time!

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    Hi scgurl (David and Ashli),
    Looks like we will be at CSS at the same time. We are from NC. While we have been to CSA and CN each twice, this is our first visit to CSS and then we will go to CTI.

    You may may want to go to the November 2010 list and add your name. Hope we will have an opportunity to connect and meet.

    And we to are counting down -- 17 days, 16 hours and 49 minutes as of right now.

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    Are you guys ready for your trip? We leave on Friday...and fly to Jamaica on very early Saturday morning. Maybe we will see you guys around! We are trying to have a good time and meet lots of people.

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    Default 10 Months to go

    My husband and I got married there last 10-10-10 and are returning this October for our 1st anniversay. I noticed you writing about meeting new people so I thought I would share. I got on this forum to see if I would meet anone in person from here...we did. Not only that but we didn't have any guests with us. We ended up with 8 wedding guest we still talk to and made so many friends that we didn't do a lot of activities we had planned on. this place is so wonderful and so are the people who work there. I'm sure you will meet a lot of amazing guests. Too bad you will be there after we have gone....maybee next year. I wish you the best time!!!

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    Mike and I usually go to ss the second week in Nov. this year we are going to go to hedo in Jan. reading the message board today made me sad to think of not going to ss beach in Nov. I will miss all the great people we see every year. Please in Janelle is still there tell her we will miss her. I hope to return again. I love the beautiful surroundings and all the fun we had.

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