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    Default Game Room at CN - For NFL Football?

    Hi All,

    My husband and I are going to be at CN in 3 weeks (woo-hoo! counting the days!) and we are huge Ravens fans. We were wondering if the game room was like a sports bar/lounge type of deal? And where exactly is it located? I haven't seen it on any of the maps - just heard of it through postings from others. We would love to try to watch the game somewhere like that, but know that we might as well bring our laptop just in case!


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    The game room at CN is a pool table and books and like a lounge....I don't think that CN has the sports bar type of thing going there, at least not that I remember. I have read that CSA does but I don't remember seeing anything like it at CN. We are HUGE sports fans too, but found much less interest in it when we were at CN last year....and didn't miss it because there was so much more fun things to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aireys619 View Post
    We were wondering if the game room was like a sports bar/lounge type of deal?

    And where exactly is it located? I haven't seen it on any of the maps
    It is more like a TV room with a pool table, large TV, a few other tables for games, popcorn machine, small library and some slot machines.

    On the map with links to panoramic views
    it is in the lower left corner of the main building where the link says "gym" (which is actually right behind the games room, a little higher up in that picture).

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    the tvs will get the national that would be the national 1 or 4pm broadcast...the sunday night game on nbc...and mnf on espn. if the ravens are on one of those games your good. if not....bring your laptop

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    Thanks guys! We will definitely bring our laptop just in case since it's a Thursday night game!

    22 Days until CN!!

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    we were there in Jan 2008 and it was championship game time! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the play offs with American guests. Although we are going in November (only 4 weeks and 6 days away!!!) it won't be playoff's yet but I will watch a game in there if I can. I am a Redskins fan so that would be my game of choice, having said that if someone beats me to the TV there's always my room, or if their game isn't being covered so be it, I might join you to watch Baltimore! lol enjoy!!!

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    I was at CSS 10 days ago. I am a huge Colts fan. But I could care less once I arrived at the resort. It seemed such a waste of 3 hours, especially when you are touching heaven on earth

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    All fans are welcome with us!

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    Just back from CN. My husband and 3 others guys from our group went to the game room to watch the football game on Sunday. They are all HUGE football fans (season tickets, fantasty football players) in fact, my husband is the fantasy football commissioner. Anyway, they were able to watch the Patriots game that was televised nationally (lucky for them as this is our home team). Us girls, hung at the beach, went to lunch together etc for the three hours they were there. They were the only ones in the game room. They would send on person out to the bar and the grill for the food/drinks. They enjoyed it and we did not mind doing our own thing either!

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    Default Same time!

    Sounds like we'll be there at the same time - we're at CN Nov 10-15th and it's our first visit! We can't wait!! Hope you see you there - my husband is a huge football fan too!

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