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    Default Repeaters dinner

    Is the Repeaters dinner a much better dinner than you would get in any of the brilliant restaurants? What is so special about it?

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    Default Repeaters Dinner

    Same general question...we will be "repeaters" in Feb. 2011. We are traveling with two other couples. Is it worth leaving our friends for an evening to attend the repeaters dinner? Appreciate your responses! Thanks!

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    Not necessarily a better meal but fun to have dinner with friends who enjoy a common love... We've had nothing but great dinners (ahh..the pumpkin soup) fine dinner and the repeaters dinner included. Highly recommend you go.

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    We've done the repeaters dinner at both CSA and CSS. The repeaters dinner is on par with what you would get at either Feathers or Cassanova. I think we got surf and turf every time, along with some fabulous soups, salads, and desserts. The wine selection is also upgraded from the other restaurants. What makes it fun is having the chance to talk at length with the staff and fellow repeaters. It is usually a fairly long event though, maybe two hours.

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    Default repeaters dinner

    if i remember correctly, we had lobster, and a coctail party, usually some of managment are there. It is also fun, because it is a privelage to be invited and hang out with other previous guests. oh and also a lot of fun

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    Fantastic at CN. Not so much at CSS. Both had Surf-n-Turf. At CN it was steak and lobster (two years in a row). At CSS it was salmon and chicken! We loved CSS, but when we go back in 2012, we will skip the repeater's dinner!
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    Food wise we found it the same as what we had on lobster night. What makes it special is dining with other repeaters and the staff.

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    It is better then a regular restaurant for the following reasons; It is always hosted by members of Couples resorts management staff with at least one management member hosting each table.
    It is special prix fixe menue not available at any restaurant.
    It is like attending a banquet or wedding reception. Guests are recognized as repeat stay guests with info on how many times they have visited Couples resorts.
    There is sometimes private entertainment depending on how many repeat stay guests are attending the dinner
    Management usually holds a trivia contest with prizs valued at either $50. or $!00. vouchers for either the SPA or gift shop

    Finally it is a fun night where you get to meet and socialize with other repeat stay guests

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    The menu is specially planned by the chef at the resort and most of the time it is things that are not offered on any of the regular menus.

    In addition, all of the resort management is attends the repeaters dinner so you get an opportunity to meet everyone.

    It is great fun and really worth going,.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claire View Post
    Is the Repeaters dinner a much better dinner than you would get in any of the brilliant restaurants? What is so special about it?
    Before we went to our first Repeaters Dinner and having already partaken of all of the delicious restaurants at CSA and CSS, we were like "what could be better"! OMG...they do it up... it is seriously off the hook! You gotta go to know!

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    I think the Repeater's Dinner is fabulous. Is it better than the 'specialty' restaurants? I'm not sure, all are pretty fantastic. But the meal that is served at the Repeater's Dinner is not available at any other restaurant during the week. The Chef specially prepares the menu for the Repeater's Dinner. I say don't miss it!
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    The Repeaters Dinner is usually a special menu prepared for the dinner only. Ours last year was steak and lobster with a special soup and followed by a special dessert. Oh some kind of vegetable also. We have had dinner with the. a guest service manager, a fitness manager, LaToya--wedding coordinator, and Pamels (Spa Manager)-- as you are seated with a manager from the resort. It was a great meal.

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    It will probably be your second chance to have lobster, other than Saturday.
    Other than that, in my opinion it's not to be missed! Some folks think it's a little long, but that's one of the best parts to me.
    You will sit at a large table with other repeater's and a member of management. You'll be able to interact with the team member and other's in a way that is very relaxed.
    The menu is set up special for this dinner, and to me is the best dinner of the week.
    There is some sort of entertainment, usually a singer, and the service is very good. The staff members who work that dinner consider it an honor. After all, they are performing in front of all the bosses.
    There are a lot of choices for food during your stay, but this is an event to plan your week around.

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    Go to the repeaters dinner. We are going back to CSA for our 9th visit over about the last fifteen years. We have always enjoyed the food and the company. Our first one many years ago was when CSA was much smaller and they pushed two tables together for about 12-16 of us. The chefs did a very fancy and wonderful food with formal service, nice wines. etc. More recently they are much larger affairs, but still worth attending. Relax and enjoy, mon!

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    Default Do we get and invite

    I love the Repeat Dinners. The food is great, it is nice to meet other people who also love talking about Jamaica and all of the things that make Couples great. We are checking in on the Repeat Dinner night and leaving a very short 4 days later. I have pre-checked in, but will we be invited to the repeat dinner? I was hoping so as we are also missing lobster night. Does anyone know?

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    I personally don't care for the repeaters dinner. I have attended 3 (2 CTI and 1 CN)and with the exception of the 1st one it just wasn't enjoyable for us. While I absolutely love couples and it's employees I can't really see us going back to the repeaters dinner.

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    One year when we were @ CSA we were due to arrive on Repeaters Night. I contacted the resort ahead of time to ask if we could have an invitation and were told "no problem". When we arrived the invitation was in the envelope with our key. So I would say, phone them a few days before just to make sure.

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    We have been to 2 Repeater's Dinner at CSS, and each one was a great evening of food and fun! We had the pleasure of sitting with Michelle Gordon from Sales on each occasion, and shared a lot of laughter, and wonderful food, not to mention the two $100 gift certificates to the Jewelry Box that we won!

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    We went to the repeaters dinner at CSA in June. It was outstanding. We found it to be a bit better than what we have had at Feathers. There wasn't a huge difference but the presentation and planning of the meal were outstanding. It was really cool to meet some other people who were returning and we quite enjoyed the whole event. We also were one of the lucky ones who won a $50 Spa voucher so that may have given us a bit of positive spin on the whole event.

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    The repeaters dinner is ok, but there are issues with it. It takes too long, and is so loud that you cannot carry a conversation on with the staff member at your table.

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    I know I am in the minority here, but we will never do a repeater's dinner again. We did not enjoy it. It was pork and shrimp at CSS last year. (I don't eat either.) I thought it was the worst meal of the week, and I did not enjoy eating with people I did not know.

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    We are returning to CN in November do we need reservations for the dinner? If so how do we do this?

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    I love the Repeater's Dinner at CN. We will be going back for trip#7. But just beware of the never empty wine glass. I love talking to all the people around the table and somehow my glass is magically full at all times! Imagine that!

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    For a really good time go during a resort anniversary celebration.

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    The repeaters dinner can be a lot of fun, and its nice to meet the staff but its longer than most other dinners so keep that in mind, I think thats why some people skip out on it. After a long day in the sun some people want a quicker dining experience.

    We've been to them at CN, CTI, and CSA. I prefer at CN when its smaller so it can be inside Otaheite, when its outdoors it can be hot dressed up.

    It was really fun last year at 8 rivers at CTI, a great place for it imo.

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