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    We prefer to run outside. I see there is a small pond. Does anyone know how far it is around?
    Any suggestions for running?

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    If you go to the meetup thread, you'll see that HalfMarathonDon and I have a nice CSS running thread going.

    Here's what we do: We start on the loop around the pond. Then run in front of A&B blocks. Up the stairs, past the Mineral Pool and Spa. Up some more stairs, past the Hibiscus cottage and down a couple of hills back to the pond/track. That makes about a mile. You could reverse it if you prefer to run up hills and down stairs, but I find that going down stairs is just a bit to challenging for my knees and balance.

    I will admit, however, that after the 4th or 5th lap, staff and people at breakfast are starting to wonder. But we do it anyway. If I were to run just around the pond, I'd get dizzy. When are you going to be there?
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    I am not a jogger, but I think the track around the pond is a third of a mile.

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    The track around the pond is flat & approx 1/4 mile. I'm a runner and I usually combine the track with the roadway (very steep hills)within CSS, the walkways around CSS and many stairs. All combined it adds up to approx 3/4 mile. At home I usually run 6 to 8 miles a day. Compared to home 6 laps around CSS makes for a very challenging run!!!

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    I'm not sure how far the path is around the pond, but I would guess somewhere close to a mile. That is the only place to run on property and I wouldn't suggest running outside of the property. The streets are too narrow and the drivers are crazy!
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    Last year, my husband ran in the morning down the road to CTI where they welcomed him with a bottle of water.

    Despite all the naysayers you'll hear from, it was perfectly safe. There is a large paved area at the side of the road, and there are many pedestrians so drivers there are very aware of people on the street.

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    There is a jogging trail around the pond. I believe it is 1/3 mile, but I could be off. It winds around the pond and tennis courts, and has a lovely view of the mountains and a peek at the ocean. To extend his run, Bob would start out at the fitness center; after doing some weights, he would run up the steps to the top of the resort, then wind his way down the hill to the pond. You can get a great workout running around the service roads.

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    I have not run from CSS but I did run into the hills outside CTI without any problems. We will be at CSS in Feb 11 and I plan to once again run in the areas outside the resort. The people I did meet on my runs were friendly and waved as I went by. Just watch the traffic and the dogs.

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    Thanks for this info. Looking forward to our daily AM run at SS in early December. This is our first time here; we love running the beach at CN. Hills...yeah!

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