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    Good Afternoon,
    I am having great difficulty trying to resolve a request to reschedule my son's honeymoon. On Oct 10, my son and his new bride were to arrive at Couples Negril for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, in the early hours of that morning, his new wife was rushed into emergency surgery. They missed having a wedding night, and a honeymoon as both were spent with Ashley in the hospital. On that morning, I phoned my travel agent, and while I waited on the line, they called Couples direct to say Christopher and Ashley would not make the reservation. Travel agent spoke to Skeemer (?) not sure I got the spelling accurate. I also sent an email directly to Couples notifying them that the kids did not make the flights for the honeymoon. A day or so later the travel agent followed up and spoke to Tasheka at the front desk, and they followed up with a fax to Couples asking for a revision to the reservation because of the emergency surgery. We are not looking for any refund, just for the kids to have their 6 night honeymoon they so looked forward to. I understand if there is any rate increase we would certainly pay the fee. For the past two weeks I have been trying to follow up and getting nowhere. Today I contacted the travel agent again, and now I am being told that Couples told them that since it was 2 weeks ago, they cannot do anything about it and I would have to call Couples directly. Why couldn't someone have told me that 2 weeks ago? It has been a very trying time for the family as we almost lost our brand-new daughter-in-law. I was hoping to have some good news that they could take this honeymoon further down the road when she is well enough. They will not be able to take the trip for approx 3-5 months. I have all the medical documentation from her doctors. Today when I tried to call the resort at the 800# I was referred to, the message said the office is closed, but that the hours on Saturday are until 4:00. I called at 3:00...and is was closed. Is there someone that I can discuss the possibility of rescheduling this honeymoon with? I have been to Couples 3 times, frequent the message board, and have always loved this place. Please help and direct me to the person or persons that I have to discuss with as I feel I am getting nowhere. I would appreciate any assistance.

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    I assume no travel insurance?
    The travel agent who booked the trip needs to come through for you. This is the exact reason, we but TI and use a TA.

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    I would call direct to Couples at 1-800-268-7537 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting1-800-268-7537end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Just ask for someone charge.
    Irie Mon

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