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    Default It came out of nowhere.

    Everything seemed to be going as it usually does. It was Wednesday, but there was nothing on the calendar. There was nothing particularly momentous or otherwise important. I went to work at 4:30 in the morning and left work at 11:00. Just routine.
    Then around two in the afternoon, I was outside taking advantage of a very nice warm sunny day. Picking up leaves and such. As I picked up the trash barrel to move it out of my way, I suddenly stood up straight, dropped the barrel of leaves.and of course, most of content went dancing on the wind. It looked like a bunch of children who had unexpectedly been released from school early. Then it began. BOING!! That sound rang out and I looked like a cartoon charecter.
    The flashing lights, buzzers, bells, whistles. It looked like a scene from a Bugs Bunny episode, or Porky. Or what about Daffy? While all that was going my eyes began to bulge out of my head and steam began venting from my head. Whirling and swirling All going off at the same time. Swirling, swirling. It was obvious to me that I was having some sort of reaction , but I had no idea what it could be. I did recognize quite soon after it all began, that it was not painful or unpleasant. But it felt as though some parts of my body got wind of something and my brain hasn't figured it out yet. So I wasn't in a panic mode.

    I'm not quite sure just how long I stood there. Motionless. Head down. My face began to feel as though it was moving on its own. Then very slowly I could feel myself trying to get back in touch with "me". My head began moving upwards and my eyes darted from one object to another. Trying to center myself and figure out what the heck was going on. The sound of a passing car was the trigger that released the hold that I had on myself. Gradually, focus was returning to my eyes, my head was not spinning quite so fast. That's when I realized that my face was smiling. It wasn't the kind of smile as though I had just seen a cute puppy and went awwwwww and smiled. If I had a mirror, I would have seen that this was not just any smile. This was one of smiles that started way down deep in my soul. Actually, my most treasured thoughts and feelings to life are kept in my "mind vault". I can access the vault any time I need or want to. No paperwork. Keep it as long as I like.

    So anyway, over my lifetime, I have learned to recognize certain things about myself.
    Even without a mirror, I knew that this smile was also attached to some intense emotional feelings. Stupendously wonderful feelings.
    I was feeling just a little lightheaded and I became aware that my body was heating up. My skin began to turn bright red and sweat began dripping from my head down to my shoes. The kind of a sweat that I get while I'm on the island. Heady stuff.
    Finally after it all began, I had the answer. The BOING!! that I heard was the moment of recognition that there are only, at the time, 14 shopping days left here in Medford.
    Maybe, you just had to be there. And I was.

    It felt as though I had the use, once again, of most of my faculties. I was still just standing there in my driveway. Looking like a deer in the headlights. As I turned to start cleaning up all of my children that ran off in the wind,my neighbor was waling by. She stopped to inquire if I were alright. She had seen me standing there having this experience. Alice put her hand on my shoulder and looked straight in to my eyes and said in a soft quiet voice, full of concern, "Rich, are you okay? Can I get anything for you"? "No thank you Alice. I'm okay. Really I am". She seemed to accept that answer as we both turned and went our way.

    Wow!! Now we have only 12 more days. boy, my excitement meter just went to "critical"


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    I was guessing that you had come down with the flu. Or maybe you needed to switch to decaf.

    Shopping days till....?
    I assume this has something to do with an impending trip to Jamaica?

    Enjoy your trip, or at least your visits to the "vault".

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    Oh Richie, I so get it! We're not far behind you with our CSS trip. I think we'll miss you by a day or two otherwise we would have tracked you downt at CTI! Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! Hugs!
    Paula & Greg

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    Richie, better stop smoking that stuff! Have a great time at CTI. We have 331 days to wait until our next visit.

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    You might want to stop in at the Doc's for a checkup before going.

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    Crabracers, You are truly something! I so love reading your posts! Have an awesome trip! Razzl

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