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    Hello September people,

    Just checked the good ol' countdown clock and only 70 days till we're back in paradise and we can hardly wait!

    Vicki and Norm, we haven't been on for a while and were reading the new posts when we found out you had to cancel (we were very bummed) but as we read on found out you rescheduled (very nice!) we are looking forward to meeting the two of you and puttin down a few Bob Marleys.

    Wilson and Bec, good luck on your upcoming wedding. It will be here before you know it. We look forward to meeting you as well and toasting you a long and happy marriage. Btw when you get in don't forget to ask for the Magnum lol.

    John and Amy, nice to see some new faces and welcome to the September 2011 CTI group! It is gonna be a blast! So don't be shy come say hi.

    No problems, Only Situations!

    Gabe & Pamela

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    It's gonna be a great time. I realized when I rebooked that I was one day off from our original days so we arrive on the 6th now and will be ready to party down with you guys on the 7th. Yay!!!! Is it September yet?

    Vicki and Norm

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    The good news is that we are under 5,850,000 seconds from leaving! Look forward to seeing our old friends and making some new ones! Can't wait until September...

    John and Amy

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    Is it september yet?? Glad there are so many friendly couples visiting when we will be there! Dare I ask what is the magnum?

    Bec and Josh

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    Bec & Josh -

    Well lets just say the Magnumis definately the ingredient that legends are made from ; ) We learned about the Magnum one beautiful day on horseback exploring the majestic Jamaican terrain. It was a day that changed our lives forever. So if you want to see the power of the magnum just ask the first local you see and watch their eyes light up and the smile it puts on their face.

    Good luck my friends...Good luck ; )

    Gabe & Pamela
    No problems, Only situations

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    Rick and I are going to CSS this time but will be day tripping home to CTI on my birthday 9/9. This is the 3rd year in a row to celebrate my birthday on the island mon, this could become a habit... looking forward to meeting you all!!

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    We passed under the 5,000,000 second mark yesterday! We are down to 4,905,878 until we leave for the airport. I like the fact that the number changes so quickly my wife just think I'm a little crazy...

    In any case, all things being equal our view will be this in the time noted...

    Name:  CTI Time.JPG
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    See everyone soon!

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    Rick & Teresa - It would be our pleasure to party down with you for your birthday! See you on the island on the 9th.

    Gabe & Pamela

    No problems, Only situations!

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    We'll be there on the 9th too. And we'd be happy to toast to the birthday girl! Can't wait...

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    Just booked our flights for our trip. September 6-15 will be 9 days of pure heaven. My hubby has talked the watersports guys into picking him up at the islad a couple times in the past for naked waterskiing. Anybody else bold enough to join him this year? We have another couple joining us for part of the time we are there and I know he will do it again too. Come on...who else will do it? Can't wait to meet you all!

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    hmm... interesting idea Norm has...

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    Vicki & Norm - Lol...I like you style and love your creativity! With friends like you there will never be a dull moment. We're in!

    No problems, Only situations

    Pamela & Gabe

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    One thing we now know is NOT cool is stripping to nude during the poolside gala and diving into the main pool. Norm and another friend learned that one the hard way. That was when the main pool still had a diving board and they both went off it naked during dinner. Bad idea.....LOL They were told not to do that ever again but it was SO funny! Too much rum and Red Stripe does funny things to people. Teehee!

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    Is anyone considering spending a day at Sans Souci during your stay in September? We do love Sunset Beach but are not sure if we want to miss a day at the island to go back there for a day.

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    Well you know what they say a party is not a party till someone gets naked! It's just a bummer that the party has to end at 5. So any ideas to keep the party going would be amazing. We currently have no plans to visit Sans Souci because we are afraid that it would be like already being at Disney World and leaving to go to a school yard that might be a little extreme but you catch my drift.

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    We will probably do a day at Sans Souci. Our last trip to Couples was while CTI was closed and we had 9 wonderful days there instead. The A/N beach is big and very nice for swimming or just taking a float out in the water and we loved that part. The pool is not as much of a party as our island but it's real nice too and they have a grill right there for lunch. There is just something so special about the island that we will always consider CTI our favorite. We can keep the party going after 5 on the main land but just have to be careful. A little moon now and then has been known to happen. LOL I remember our first two trips were with the February Islanders and I think they used to hit the fountain out front naked late at night but we never participated in that. Wouldn't want to do anything to risk being evicted from paradise. We can just party clothed and pretend I guess. We did sneak down to the beach real late one night and nobody was there but us so we had a late night skinny dip. If ya wait till you are in the water to lose the suit nobody knows. tee hee

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    40 days and counting! Am I the only one who is so excited I am having dreams about it? It's been 3 years since our last trip to Couples. Maybe that is why I am so fired. up. The last 2 years Norm has been working so much we couldn't plan anything. He is currently working 13 hour days 7 days a week and if this job is not over by then he will just have to beg for an early layoff or quit. It should be done though. Hope so because we have not been home in 11 months either. Gotta go home to get the luggage and my passport at least. This time I made sure the plane tickets are non-refundable so we can not cancel no matter what kind of job offer he gets. LOL Haven't had much activity on this thread for awhile. Where is everybody? It's almost time to party!! Whoop whoop!

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    HiVickiandNorm. YES, we're just as excited as you are! Counting down the days to Sept 10. We haven't been to CTI before and we can't wait to finally get there! The daily countdown is on and we can't wait to meet everybody - party time!!

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    Default Countdown is on!

    38 days and counting!!! Haven't had holidays since Feb 2010, our honeymoon is going to be amazing

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    9/27 - 10/5....we will liven up the place for sure...

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    You are soooo right we are to the point that Jamaica is all we can talk about. If one of us has a bad day it is always the same answer, “just think we will be home soon and the only worry we will have is what drink to order next." Heck Pamela has already started packing...I just laugh because we never use half of it. So party time is almost here...I hope everyone has started their pre-season training regiment:

    At least 3 reps of 12 0z curls a night quicker the better to assure your beverage stays cold.
    1 memory challenge a day to assure you are able to remember where your room is no matter the circumstances.
    And just for good measure better practice the doggy paddle just in case you miss the dock coming back from the island.

    No problems, Only situations.

    Pamela & Gabe

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    You are SO right Gabe! I have started filling our cooler with Red Stripe to get our taste buds ready for the trip too. We have not been to our house in about a year so we haven't started packing yet. Should be home with about a week to spare so we can get packed and get my passport out of the safe. It's been way too long since I have had to use it. Living in a camper we are used to not having much to wear so I think we will pack lighter this year than ever before. Who needs clothes anyways! One suitcase each for the 9 nights should be just fine. Norm has been working 13 hour shifts 7 days a week and was just switched to night shift for the rest of the job. Reminding him about Jamaica is the only thing keeping him going right now. It's not long now! Wooo hooo!

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    Default 43 more days!!

    Can't wait to come home again for the 4th time. Mid-September get here quick!! We need some rum and sun and fun!!!

    Ralph & Roberta
    Syracuse, NY
    COR 9/1982, CTI 9/2007, CTI 9/2009, CTI 9/2011

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    37 days to go!

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    Isn't it September yet? Why is this last month dragging by so slowly? 4 weeks from today we will be enjoying our 2nd night in heaven and it just can't get here quick enough! Can't wait to meet you all! It's going to be a great vacation!

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