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    Default Announcing the October 27 Couplicious Wednesday Escape

    Greetings to Lovers Everywhere:

    Here are the details of the October 27 CWE:

    Name: Name your Secret Rendezvous
    Resorts: ALL
    Categories: Run of House
    Booking window: 12:01 am 11:59 pm October 27, 2010
    Travel Window: November 1 December 25, 2010 and January 2 31, 2010
    Restrictions: 7 night minimum stay. Blackout CSA/CNG: December 4-6, 2010. CTI/CSS: January 14 17, 2011. New bookings only. May not be combined with any other promotions, discounts or resort credit offers

    Offer: Guests who book a stay for seven nights or more will get a Secret Rendezvous rate ($324 for 2010 travel or $349 for 2011 travel) at every Couples Resort. Simply book the resort where you and your lover want to have your Secret Rendezvous.

    Couples Resorts

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    Does this mean that guests get to choose their resort for SR? Is that going to become generally applicable? It seems odd that this is higher than the usual SR rate...

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    I've never even considered a SR before, so forgive me for not being familiar with the concept.

    Is the price you quoted per couple per day or per couple per week?

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    Never mind, Randymon! I found the answer myself! Sorry. Should've looked around the website first before making a fool of myself!!

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    I will never book months in advance again. With this special it is $14 per night cheaper than what I paid months ago for Nov. (before the price increase). Staying for 2 wks so that is $180. I guess you win some and lose some. Trip is paid in full so I'm sure I can't cancel and rebook at the cheaper price now.

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    Hmmm... okay now what to book?


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    Default Booked

    Just booked!!!! Sweet!!! Can't wait.

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    Default Sweet!!!

    I forgot to call the travel agent last week and now I get an even better offer anyway. I guess it was meant to be this year! We are booked and set for CN for nearly 2 weeks in January. Can't wait to be exploring underwater and sleeping in the hammocks.

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