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    Default A/N With Friends

    Very excited for a trip to CN in February with 2 other couples. My wife and I have been there previously but it was just the two of us. One of our very favorite things about CN was the A/N beach. We had never done that before and just loved everything about it - I clearly remember what a drag it was at the end of the day having to put your clothes back on!

    Anyway, we were very clear with our friends that we like to go to the a/n beach and everyone seems totally cool with it (and I think everyone is planning on going to the a/n beach) but just wondering if others have ever traveled with friends and gone to a/n. Fun? Awkward?

    Also - just curious, if there are 6 of us, I assume it isn't a problem to sit together for dinner?

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    A couple of years ago we went to GLB with our best friends from home. It was awkward for about 5 minutes, but after that, we had a wonderful week's holiday! With strangers, or with best friends, after a very short period of time, you just forget that you are not wearing bathing suits and have a great time.

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    I think it depends upon your relationship with your friends. There are 3 couples of us that are really good friends. 2 of us have hot tubs and we have all felt comfortable enough with each other to be AN in the hot tubs. We even went away for a weekend together this year and used the hot tub AN together. We all trust each other to the fullest so we are comfortable with it. I think we could go to some where like Couples and spend time together on an AN beach and have a lot of fun. In my opinion it all boils down to trusting each other.

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    We did the same at CTI, it was a first for all of us so we went out in the morning to get used to the AN experience and while we were having our massage our friends went out to get used to it and then we all met up. We had a great time!! Nothing awkward, but we are all very close and no one was pressured to try it or stay on the island if they didn't like it. The only problem now is the guys can't lie about size!! LOL

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    Hi Alamere, You will be fine with your friends. When you make dinner reservations, they will easily accomodate you. We have been in groups of 10-16. It was never a problem. When will you be arriving in Feb ? We will be there 2/10- 2/17. Hope to meet you !!!

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    We are on a similar situation and would love to hear more responses on the subject.

    My wifes very best dearest childhood friend is now married and our neighbor. She´s the kind of friend that has always been there for her. They are also in their early 30´s and we gave them such a good review of Jamaica and Couples that they eventually settled for Jamaica but for another resort for their honeymoon.

    We are currently contemplating the idea of taking a trip together and since we are hooked on Couples I don’t see us considering any other resort in the Caribbean. I just don’t think that they feel that comfortable of going AN since they have expressed that before, when my wife told them about our “experience” as CSS. I was also wondering if anybody else has had a situation similar to this before and how they handled it. I know there´s CSA but my choice after CSS is definitely CTI.

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    Being a Newbie. I think I would find it easier to be with people I didn't know before. I mean its quite possible you wont see them again rather then people you know you'll see again. Once I get past that thinking I know I'll be 'Naturist' bound. My "hats" off to those that don't have a problem with being A/N with someone they see everyday. Haven't quite got that courage badge, lol.

    I wish everyone a great time in Jamaica!
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    Hi Guys, We have traveled with friends from home, and the
    "AN THING" was one of the first discussed items prior to leaving. We made it very clear that we spend our days on the AN beach, whether CSS, CTI, or CN. If you have a meeting prior to leaving, there shouldn't be any pressure on anyone once you arrive. If I were a betting person, I would imagine that most, if not all will convert (maybe with some liquid courage).If they have even a little desire, let them know how important it is to try on the first day(for obvious reasons) Enjoy your trip!!! We'll be at CN Feb 10-17 Bob & Sharon

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    Default Just Miss You

    Bob and Sharon, we'll just miss you. We get to CN on 2/19. Everybody will know who we are, we'll be the three pasty couples from MN at the a/n beach who are ready for such relaxation with 7 kids between us ranging from age 6 months to 6 years old!

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    Last December we went to CSS with our best man and his wife. We had not seen Mark in over 20 years and the first day he hit the AN beach with us wasn't a big deal. My husband and he went to high school together as well so I thought it would be odd for them but it really wasn't an issue. I think if you're willing to go AN you should do it regardless of who you vacation with and if they are willing then it's probably not going to be an issue. Go AN and enjoy!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    The thing you seem to hear most on many of the comments about AN is "It is very comfortable after the first few minutes." I have to believe this is true with strangers and/or friends. If you/they are willing to go AN, I don't think there will be a problem. If you/they are not comfortable, not so much.

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    We leave behind the friends, the family and anyone else, we enjoy seeing our new friends we have made on past trips to Couples and enjoy the privacy and intimacy of just us. My brother and friends have asked numerous times to do trips with us and my standard answer is " we go to enjoy each other and converse with each other almost as one, to give that closeness and togetherness up is not an option". Even when we vacationed when our children were younger it was just us and them, no friends no relatives just us four to spend that time together.
    May sound selfish but we want to leave the home stuff home.
    We will be there Feb 22nd to March 1st, always looking to make new vacation friends!!
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    Have a great time Colombo. Wish we could be there too. Maybe next summer.


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    Thanks, never know where and when we may show up!!!!

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    I'm the noob in this situation, but I think it might be best to start with an evening in the hot tub (with some liquid courage). Then start separate on the beach and come together at the bar. That way, everyone can get comfortable with the situation first...

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    Default You won't need any liquid courage...

    Whatever happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica. Once you go a/n, it's like a real drag to have to put on your swimsuit to go for lunch. I'll teach you the sunscreen application technique.

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    Having been naked with friends in college (yes, it was a very liberal school), it's a amazing how quickly you get over the fact that you are naked. The beach will be a blast and you can think of it as a special bonding opportunity!

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    Ended up with a whole group of friends we have vacationed with many times because of Tower Island! Drop em and party with your buddies it's the most fun of all
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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