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    My fiance and I are going to Tower Isle in late February, early March. We are 23 and 24, and assume we are probably younger than the average visitor. Just wondering what the age ranges are like. Doesn't matter too much to us, I'm sure we'll have a blast either way!

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    Hey elise987, my girlfriend and i are heading out november 3rd 2010. We are 25 and 26 and were also wondering this, not that it matters, just curious. I have been told it is a mixed crowed but we would probally be on the yonger end of the scale. Anyways i can let you guys know when we get back. See ya.

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    Tower Isle has all ages - from 20 to 95. The age medium age is most likely forty or so. The reason is simple, the younger groups have kids and Couples is for couples only.
    Irie Mon

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    It's different every week, every day really. People are always coming and going and if you get a large group it can shift quickly. We are always some of the younger ones there but there are all ages.

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    Hi elise987, my wife and I are arriving at CTI on the 26th Feb and there until the 12th March, Chell is 43 and I will be 40 whilst we are out there. I am sure there will be every age either side of ours from the younger through to the older but don't worry I am sure we will all be up for a good drink and a bit of a crack. See you there.
    Regards Dave and Chell

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    When we were at CTI about half the people were in their 20's. Keep in mind lots of honeymoons. Then as someone mentioned above, the kids come and you can't get away as much until they have grown enough to spend a week with the grandparents.

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    From an age standpoint, you may have picked the best one. In our trip this past April, we only stayed at CTI and CN, but we were able to make the day trips to CSS and CSA as well.

    It could have been a case of sheer coincidence/happenstance, but it was our observation that the median age was younger at CTI than at the other three. It was around 30-31 at CTI, whereas it hovered in the later 30's at the others.

    Again, could have been sheer coincidence, but we definitely noticed an overall younger crowd at CTI.

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    Every age range is represented at all the resorts, the great thing is all age ranges mix together and have a great time!! I'm 38 but for 10 days I act 18, lol Have fun!! Oh and make sure to have a chicken patty and a Miami vice.

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