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    I am getting ready to book...any day now. I am just wanting to make the best decision. I know everyone says you can't go wrong with any of the resorts. I am looking for, romance, relaxation, food and alcohol available early to late. I am leaning toward Sans Souci or Swept Away. We are in our mid forties and early fifties, first vacation ever without friends or family. First trip to the Caribbean. I know you can't decide for me but if you have been. I have read many post and they all seem to have something special. I just can't decide!!!!!

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    Jill12 - We were at both CSA and CSS last year. Send us an e-mail , and we'll send you some information about both, and pictures as well. It might help you decide!

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    Jill12 - My husband and are planning to go in Sept. 2011 for our 20th anniversary. After reading through all the comments, we have decide on CSA. We are in our mid and late forties and feel this resort is calling to us!!

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    We are 51 & 41 CSA was A1 for us the last 2 years. We mixed with people from 70 to early 20's's that kind of place...enjoy

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