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    Default Swept Away or Couples Negril???

    4 couples planning a Feb. vacation. Trying to decide which Negril Couples to visit.. Any suggestions??? Last year we went to CSS and loved it...Anyone been to both in Negril?? would appreciate your opinions....Thanks

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    Default CSA or CN

    In my humble opinion, the beach CSA is on (Seven Mile Beach) is far superior to the beach CN is on (Bloody Bay). It - Seven Mile Beach, also lends itself to far superior sunsets.

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    We have been to CN twice and are returning next year. We love CN. There is 2 miles of beach. How much more do you need? CN is smaller and not as spread out as CSA. Plus CN is more private. There are not as many other resorts along the beach. You have more vendors on the beach at CSA because you can walk right into town from CSA, whereas with CN, you have to take the free shuttle into town. Plus, I believe, the beachfront rooms at CN are a little less expensive than the beachfront rooms at CSA. We love to sit on our balcony or patio and look at the ocean. You will get tons of people that love CN and others that love CSA. I think a lot of it has to do with which one you went to first. See which one offers more of what you are interested in.
    You'll have a great time no matter which one you choose.

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    I have only been to CN but we had 4 couples so I thought I could offer you our experience. CN was incredible. We felt like we had personal butler service on the beach, they constantly checked on us and were fast! Staff would stop by and ask us what we were playing (Cribbage) or if we wanted to join in on any activities. We chose to just relax and take our floats out to the water most of the time, then head into the pool later in the day and play water volleyball (perfect number for this). One of us took the iPod into the ocean and we all were happily singing away. We really made our own time. No problem seating all together for ANY meal, they were more than happy to accommodate us. A few people were doing the trading from CSA to CN and I asked them what the difference was. They felt that CSA was more romantic while CN tended to be more "partyish". Good luck in your decision!

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    This is the age old question???

    Boil it down to what you want most. We wanted a spectacular sunset, beautiful beach, and a rustic-romantic atmosphere. This is why we picked CSA.

    Life is good

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    everyone will have their own opinion, but since that's what you're asking for i'll give you mine. i would choose csa. we just got back from cn, and while it was a great time (the new couples with us will soon be repeaters), all my wife could do was talk about csa and how much she missed certain things about it. the staff at both is unmatched, both beaches are great, but csa just seemed to have more. more drink options, more restaurant options, and i'd give them the nod when it comes to the rooms too.

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    Win/Win situation here. Look at all the pictures of both resorts and just pick one and GO! You can't lose - Really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllenandJohn View Post
    In my humble opinion, the beach CSA is on (Seven Mile Beach) is far superior to the beach CN is on (Bloody Bay) . . . .
    Both CN and CSA are on Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach is comprised of Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length, and Bloody Bay, which is about two miles in length. CSA is located on Long Bay and shares the bay with numerous other resorts, bar, and restaurants. CN is located on Bloody Bay and shares its bay with three other resorts.
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    Compact beach and wonderful at CN. Spread out and wonderful at CSA. Depends on what you like!

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    We just returned from CSA on Saturday. It was wonderful! The staff is the best ever! The grounds are beautiful the beach is amazingly white and the water is clear. The food was wonderful, whether you want a cheesburger or an elegant meal - CSA has it. You will not go wrong with CSA.


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    [QUOTE= Plus CN is more private. There are not as many other resorts along the beach. [/QUOTE]

    We felt that CSA was much more private because it is on a long straight beach and you can't see neighbors on either side on most of the beach. CN is on a bay with a curved beach making the neighboring properties visible. It felt too small and hemmed in to us. And yet, many, many people love it. Also, CSA has rooms that are directly on the beach and CN does not, so you have to decide if that is important to you.

    Look at as many pictures as you can and you will get a sense of which one appeals to you. We all have our opinions and each resort has many who favor it.

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    I love CSA thought it had a better atmosphere, but each to their own

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    Default CSA or CN?

    My SO and I traveled to CN in February this year. We absolutely loved it!!! However, we are so sure that all of the Couples Resorts are fantastic in their own way, that we decided to go to CSA next February. And, two other couples have decided to join us. I have spent much time reading this message board and was advised to follow my heart the first time. I did and loved every minute of our stay at CN. For 2011, I decided to go where I was being "called" and this time, my instincts told me to give CSA a try. I knew that no matter what, I wanted to stay on 7 mile beach in Negril, stay at a Couples Resort but also wanted the trip to have a new, different twist so we chose CSA. Point matter which resort you try first, you will fall in love, in more ways than one. Go to the resort that calls to you the most and don't fret once you've made your choice. I'm sure that you will be very happy with the choice you've made. Happy travels!!!

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    They are both good and my wife an I plan on returning to both. We have a slight preference for CN, mostly because we went there first, and because we enjoy the social aspects which we find happen more at CN.

    The main pool is central at CN and most activities occur in the main area so they are easy to get involved with. I'm partial to pool volleyball and it happens everyday at CN, and I've rarely seen it at CSA.

    CSA is more spread out, the pools are on either end of the the resort and has more choices, but you might not see people again that you want to.

    We love the two bars on the beach at CSA plus the swim up bar that opens to the beach, while CN only has the pool bar that opens up onto the beach.

    I think we prefer the dining at CSA slightly, and mainly because of the options such as al a carte breakfast option, and lunch that patois patio offers, there isn't a similar resaurant yet at CN. That is the main difference between the dining options. The rest of the restaurants you will find basically at both resorts.

    If your into fitness and sports, CSA hands down. The raqueteball and squash courts are nice, more tennis, and the lap pool.

    I think if they built CN's pool at CSA in the middle of the resort we'd prefer it.


    oh, and I find the garden rooms to be louder at CSA then at CN, I think they are closer to the road, I know at the west end of the resort this is particularly true.

    hope this helps a bit.

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    Default CN vs. CSA

    Wow such great replies by everyone. I have to qualify my reply because we've only been to CTI and CSA. Our first trip to CTI was fantastic and hence we fell in love with Couples. We chose CTI so that we could climb Dunns River Falls and my wife could go horse back riding. You may want to decide on where to go by a desire to do something you see or read about on this site. We chose CSA for the beach, the rooms with an island flare and the sports/spa complex. From what I've read here, CN is more compact and better if you want to go mingle with other couples during the day. The night life also leaves something to be desired compared to CSA. We went to CSA with two other couples so we didn't need to meet or mingle with anyone else. CSA is less condusive to mingling due to how spread out the resort is. I also liked the idea of hanging out at the piano bar with Ultimate Chocolate a few evenings. My wife actually won a prize from Ulti during the guys vs. girls name that tune game. All the Couples resorts have good food and service but at CSA you have more options. Seagrape Cafe on the beach was awesome for lunch or a snack during the day. CN has nothing to compare to it. Also it's a nice stroll through the beautiful grounds to get to your destinations at CSA.
    Well I guess you can see which resort I'd suggest you book, but if you read enough, one will call out to you. Enjoy your time in Paradise whichever resort you choose.

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