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    To all the seasoned veterans -- would you recommend that newbies attend the orientation?

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    Yes. Even if you are an experienced traveler, it's the best way to learn where everything is in the resort. It doesn't take very long and it passes all of the bars.
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    Yes !

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    Highly recommended - we went to it our first time on day 4 and wish we would have gone the very first day.

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    Yep... I always enjoy myself on those, and they don't take too long.

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    I would totally recommend Clover!!! This woman was amazing! We met her for orientation and anytime we saw her she would come and talk to us. One night she even sat down with us and just talked for about an hour. She was great! One of the greatest people we met there!

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    YES, CSA is spread out so it would be a good idea.I didn't take it at CSA but took it at CSS and I am glad I did.I think they are at 10am and 5pm daily but check at the resort.It only took maybe an hour and Fluffy was a RIOT!

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    Yes I would! It's a great way to get to know the ins and outs of the resort. They offer it twice a day at 10am and 5pm. It's not a boring sit-down lecture but instead a walking tour of the grounds and resort with one of the entertainment staff who will keep you laughing. It lasts about an hour and if you decide it's not for you, you can leave the tour. Plus you make stops for drinks at the bars!
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    If you went your first time, did you find it to be worth your while?

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    We took the tour on our fist trip and it was definitely worth our time! CSA has so much to offer and if we hadn't taken the tour we may have missed out on a lot because we didn't know it was there.

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    We have attended orientation on each of our visits and will do so again in Dec. You never know, might learn something new or catch something you might have missed before.

    Highly recommended from us.
    Kevin & Angie

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    Thanks for all of the terrific feedback, we will definitely make sure to hit orientation on day one!

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    We have been four times and never attended. Personally, I enjoyed the freedom of exploring the place myself. I could take as long as I wanted and didn't have to stick to a group.

    I have never been a group tour kind of person and I enjoy doing things on my own time while on vacation.

    On the flip side, I would say about 99% of the people I have talked to that attended it really enjoyed it.

    It just wasnt my cup of tea.
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