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    Default Help us with a Honeymoon choice

    We have booked CSA for our Honeymoon we have upgraded to the Great House Suites since they are more up to date and tub, shower what we are looking for. We are in our early 30's and we looked back at the info and are started to think that we might like CTI better then CSA. I am fine with laying out and having drinks but, he on the other hand has to have activities to do. He really dosen't sit still long. The rooms at CTI looked like what we upgraded to at CSA. We need help trying to figure out which place would be the best and fit in better with what we are looking for. Also, I don't know if Couples will let us switch resorts if we already booked one we are over a year away.
    Thanks for any input in advance

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    I say stick with your first choice....your first pick is usually what is right for you!

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    I agree with hawkgroup, usually your first pick is the best resort for you. I have not been to CTI, but have been to the other three resorts and I LOVE CSA! There are plenty of activities to keep you busy! I believe the main differences in activities would be that CTI offers horseback riding and a trip to Dunn's River Falls, whereas CSA does not. You can, in fact, do these types of excursions at CSA (Mayfield or YS Falls), but there is an additional charge. I, personally, have never missed them.

    I think the only thing that is offered at CTI that cannot be found anywhere at CSA is Tower Island, so if au natural sun bathing is something you definitely want to try then you may prefer CTI. Otherwise, CSA is a fabulous choice with lots of local flavor on the beach!

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    No Not into the sunbathing! Just looking at the updates we started to think that it was more up to date. The horseback riding is not a big deal. We are more into the golfing, watersking, boat trips, relaxing (for me) and the food

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    Stick with Swept Away, there is a ton of stuff to do.It is truly paradise! Saving for trip #4 to CSA, #5 to Couples.

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    I would recommend CSA and the beach front jacuzi,the varanda is by itself. Unless you want priviacy.

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    I would look at What's included section on the resorts and go to CSA or CTI based on what you want to do.

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    Well I might as well kickin with my opinion. We were at CTI 5 years ago and at CSA last December. We liked CTI for it's cozy atmosphere, but really loved CSA and plan to go back as soon as we can. If you're looking for things to do there is plenty to do at either resort. But at CSA you can walk your feet off on 7 Mile Beach which we really enjoyed. We also took out hobie cats every day, enjoyed most of the snorkeling spots and the catamaran cruise down the coast was better at CSA than at CTI. The spa/exercise facilities across the street can't be beat at any resort that we've ever visited anywhere! We went with two other couples and us guys walked Negril Hills Golf course twice with the caddies and had a blast. If you play call ahead and ask for Ronnie, she's a wonderful caddy. It's hilly and you'll need a Red Stripe to cool you off and a few Hummingbird chasers too...MMMMM. We also read bad reviews on TA before we left and I don't know where those people were staying but they weren't at the CSA we were. I say, go with your original feelings. But where ever you go, "It's all good in Jamaica Mon!"

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