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    Default Weather Late November

    We are very close to booking a trip to CSA over thanksgiving. Our travel agent is not positive about the weather and said it could be very rainly - We have been to CSA in April and weather was lovely - Can anyone help as I dont really want to spend this kind of money and be sitting in the room while it rains.

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    We were there last year for our first trip. We were at CN and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. We had rain for about 1/2 hour most days in the afternoon, quick gone and then no problem. Go ahead and book, you will LOVE that time of year.

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    We have gone to CSA in November the week going into Thanksgiving for the past 4 years and other than a rare passing shower here and there, we have always had fantastic weather! This year we have shifted our week to the day after thanksgiving through the following Friday and I am expecting more of the same!

    Oh my goodness, it can rain anytime of the year, so don't let speculation about the weather stop you from coming to CSA not matter what time of year! Hope to see you there with the sun shining on us all!

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    We were there the week after Thanksgiving last year, and had some of the best weather we've ever had in Jamaica! It was hot, and sunny!!!

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    We have been at CSA over thanksgiving the last two years and the weather was wonderful. There was an occasional quick shower on a couple of afternoons but they do not last long and the sun comes right back out.

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    We go the day after thanksgiving every year. The weather is great. Yes it does rain every other day, but it is usually for a half an hour or so in the afternoon. We use that time to go get a plate of jerk chicken or a drink at the bar. No worries.

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    We went over Thanksgiving to CN in '07 and the weather was perfect. We have also been to a few other islands over that week and have always had great weather. Going back to CN on Nov. 20th and totally excited. Couples is the best! Have a great trip!

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