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    Default Christmas at Couples Negril

    Hi Everyone - Looking to book CN for Christmas. Was wondering who out there has spent Christmas at CN in the past? What was it like as far as the atmosphere? Do they go all out and make it festive? Any pics from that time of year.

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    Default Christmas in Paradise!

    My husband and I spent Christmas at CN afew years ago and it was great. The typical time we go is the end of March. We found it to be slightly cooler (the air and water temps), but still delightful and always warmer than Massachusetts that time of year.

    They do a fantastic job of decorating the resort. Everywhere you look there is something to see. There was a large tree and giant gingerbread house in the lobby, pointsetta's and lights flanking the stairways, lights on all the palm trees and various Christmas trees scattered all over the place. On Christmas eve, some of the staff walked around the resort singing Christmas carols. It was lovely.

    I thought I might miss being at home, but we had a wonderful time and I definately recommend going. Just bring a light wrap for the evenings.

    Happy Holidays


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    welcome to the Couples message board, for lots of pictures of all the resorts scroll the photo contest strings, it will really show you candid shots of all 4 couples....

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    Hey 5 o'clock,
    We spent out first Christmas (& New Year's) at CN last year and loved it so much we booked for this year too! It's even more wonderful than our usual April trips....if that's possible. The buffets, the staff, the ambiance are all phenomenal. You will absolutely love it!

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    We've done it twice and will do it a third time this year. On Christmas Eve, they invite a local group to sing carols at Cassava and then have additional carol singing in the piano bar.

    On Christmas Day, Santa arrives at a reasonable hour (maybe 11:00) via various means (parasail, jet ski, etc.). He then dispenses gifts. Spiked punch and non-alcholic drinks along with food are available.

    Everything is decorated. It's beautiful.

    I would describe it as "low key" but very nice. Obviously we enjoy it. I'm sure you will as well.

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    Default Pics from Christmas at CN 2007

    Here are some pics from our Christmas visit. I wish we could go this year!
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    Do each of the resorts decorate for Christmas and have Santa visiting?

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    We did CSA 12/17-12/24/08 and it was decorated very nice. The only thing that was a little annoying is that it was continous Christmas music playing, we were hoping they would play some regular reggae some of the time.

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