View Poll Results: Should we designate Couples Sans Souci as a Non-Smoking Resort?

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  • Yes. This would be fantastic and "seal the deal" for us to stay at CSS

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  • No. It would be a deterrent to us staying at CSS

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    Default So what would happen IF...?

    Would you be more or less likely to stay at Couples Sans Souci IF we designated this resort as our "Non-Smoking" resort?

    Couples Resorts

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    My husband has emphysema, and we usually prefer non-smoking because of that and my allergy to smoke. But to be honest, the little bit of smoke we encountered at CSS was minimal, and we really did not notice it much. Most people were very polite, and tried to keep the smoke from the non-smokers. I guess that is just the quality of people that go Couples. If you keep the smoking outdoors, it really isn't much of a problem.
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    Randymon, thanks for asking this question.

    Whilst we think every individual has the right to choose, there is no practical way to separate smokers from non-smokers. Therefore, we would absolutely be in favor of a non-smoking resort. If we were choosing between 2 resorts with similar facilities, we would definitely select the non-smoking resort.

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    Being smoke free for over 16 years it wouldn't bother me one way or the other but I will speak my part for those who smoke. Why ban people just because they smoke? Designate specific smoking areas for those who smoke. Yeah I hear all the health concerns and issues but will you also ban outside burning? There goes the beach party bonfire or even the BBQ food.

    My suggestion for what it is worth. Take small steps before giant leaps.

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    Default My Opinion

    If everything was equal, I am sure most people would select the non smoking resort. There are certainly more people who don't smoke than smokers, however what would happen to the "Cigaretttes- cigarettes" man at CSA?

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    guess we wont go to CSS if this becomes the policy. to bad we aren't more concerned about hunger,education, and employment for folks. if all the anti smoking folks would just focus on these other issues perhaps some real change could come about.


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    Why not CSA? Why not CN? Why not all of the Couples Resorts? In this day and age, to find people who still don't believe that smoking tobacco is going to kill you much sooner than you think, is bizarre at best. Would you really lose clients if you told them they couldn't smoke? How many more would you gain if the entire chain were to be non-smoking? Isn't it all about healthy living these days???
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    Definate plus for us in choosing a resort. Smokers really ruin dinner, relaxation and fun for some people so it's a cool idea.

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    We are non-smokers & do not like to be around smoke (especially when we are eating) or have a room where you can smell smoke in the bedding, etc. from the previous guests but it would not make us go to CSS over the other 3 resorts. How about making CN smoke-free ............ now that would be better for us.

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    I Like the idea of designated smoking rooms and areas to be fair to everyone. However i do also like the idea of a smoke free enviroment.

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    Sounds a bit extreme to me.

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    We don't smoke, and have never been bothered by smoke at CSA. Never smelled it in the room, and have never encountered any discourteous smokers there. So I guess my answer is no, a non-smoking policy at CSS would not entice us to visit. However, it is something to ponder. Do you take a chance and hope that all the non smoking world comes to CSS or do you lose half your business, be it cigar smokers, cigarette smokers, or whatever your smoking smokers?
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    Yes, i would avoid css as i do the marriot chain. Vacation would turn into a health trip, no air terminal smoking no plane smoking, no waiting for luggage smoking no time to smoke before boarding bus, no bus smoking and then finally no smoking at css.
    Unless couples offers a detox health coarse on the risks of smoking.
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    Default not Jamaica too!

    Neither my wife or I smoke. But being it is a LEGAL product, we support a persons right to smoke. I think this would be an extreme decision. Because we do not support extreme liberalizm, we would find another chain of resorts that treats all people the same.

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    We would defiantly choose CSS over any other resort if it went non-smoking. Part of what bothers us at CN is if we want to enjoy sitting outside during the evening to listen to the music, then we must be subjected to smoke. We'd like to enjoy being outdoors smoke-free. We aren't really bothered on the beach as the beach is large enough to get away from smokers, but the Casanova Restaurant is small enough that you can't get away from it.
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    This is always such an emotional topic and it's both interesting and frustrating to me to read the responses. From MY non-smoking opinion (I think that we all see it a bit differently depending on our exposure and therefore our tolerance) the smell of smoke from a bonfire or BBQ is actually appealing. The smell of a smoke from a cigarette, cigar or pipe is actually repulsive to me. Second hand smoke has been proven to cause lung cancer so I do not feel it is fair that I am subjected to it without my choice. While smoke from a BBQ has also been noted to have carcinogenic effects people rarely inhale enough to make a difference unless standing over it for an extended period of time. If a restaurant allows smoking it effects each meal I eat there and if the people in the room next to me smoke it impacts me anytime we are on our balcony at the same time. Allowing smoking only outside doesn't make it better because I have often had to relocate at outdoor events due to smokers nearby.

    I don't know that I would choose CSS over another Couples resort if CSS was made non-smoking though because each Couples resort definitely has it's own personality and appeal and CSS is not the one that appealed to me. I would give it some thought and it might tug at me but I think I would just wish that CSA was the non-smoking one.

    I like the idea of asking the question the other way many people would you lose and how many people might you gain by making all the Couples resorts non-smoking?

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    My husband and I have been smoke free for three years now. However, it doesn't bother me at all! I will still go to my favorite one and that's TI.

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    I am sorry to hear all the negative comments on smokers. Us smokers never don't complain about all you drinkers, who get drunk, get loud, and fall in the bushes or the pool. Why can't we all just try an get along.

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    yes. we love cn but if css were non smoking it would 'seal the deal' for us to go there.

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    Default doesn 't work for us..

    Slthough we are non-smokers - when we come to css or csa (4 trips so far) - my husband likes to smoke a cigar (the only time he smokes) while he's there. This wouln't allow that - and honestly I think we wouldn't come if css was non-smoking. We have never noticed people smoking while we are there (and I'm a pretty serious non-smoker and hater of smoke) - so I'm not sure why you are considering this. Is there anyone who has been there that has actually been bothered by the smoke?

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    I am a former smoker who hates smoke now and tries to avoid it but I think it would be a bad idea for Couples.

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    smoking is not prohibited inside any property, but is allowed on the beach. I actually got in "trouble" for smoking a cigar inside the piano bar at Tower Isle, and my level of "alcoholic pollution" made it difficult for me to understand a non-smoking bar. Nevertheless, there are plenty of avenues to avoid those who desire to die early.
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    As I am a cigar smoker (they don't stink because they're good cigars), I would not go.

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    Default No return to CSS

    I would not return to CSS if this were the case. I am assuming you are referencing smoking of any type. I did note that another chain in Jamaica is doing the same thing. Not wise in MHO.

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