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    Sorry if this is long but I am torn.I booked my 4th trip to CSA last April with a long time travel agent.She has been awesome and has booked several trips and cruises for us with no problems.She has had to find another full time job as the travel business has suffered a bit.The big travel agency up here in Mn went out of business and she has worked out of her home as an independent contractor.I booked long ago so I could get the 500 dollar resort credits and I have been paying the agent as I go along and am about halfway done paying the hotel part,[have not booked airfare yet].My ccard was flagged for fraud and I had to close the account.I have grown so frustrated with her and I know she has gone through a tough time lately but she has blown me off for so long now I am tempted to cancel with her and rebook, lose the resort credits.If I have to do that,I don't know how to get my money back from her on a closed account?I just want it resolved and have emailed her again. My trip is not until April but I am sick of being blown off.I want to get the airfare booked also and I am sick of getting blown off.I have been a good customer for years and can't believe how rude people can be!Thanks for letting me vent and thanks for any advice ahead of time that you may have.

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    I have a few questions, is she working for a host agency? If she is then try to find out who and call and speak to a manager there. If not then I would call her and give her one more chance but let her know your frustration level and you are very serious about cancelling with her. If you do cancel with her call the cc company and explain the situation, normally the money would go back to the original card, they might have you do that and then refund the money direct to you.

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    Call the 1-800 Couples number, they may be able to help you.
    Irie Mon

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    When you close an account because the account was compromised you can still do returns on it, just not new charges. I assume you just got a new card number with the same company and your balance and everything transferred over to the new account number. When you do a return on the old account it credits to the new one.

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    Thanks everyone,I emailed her a couple of days ago and still no response.But I did get a response from Couples and our cheif Romance Officer.Once again I am blown away with Couples' customer service!One way or another,we will get to CSA!

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