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    Couples Swept Away has ruined me for all other resorts. We are planing a Moms get away with a few friends and even though we are not looking for a romatic spot NOTHING comes close. Not the beach, not the food, not the rooms. What is a girl to do, lol!!!!

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    Thanks for the chuckle. I just had an image pop into my head similar to the "stoning scene" in Monty Python's "Life of Brian" movie. I'm picturing your group checking into CSA with half of the women wearing fake beards and trying to speak in deep toned voices acting as "husbands". You'd have to see the movie to understand my amusement.
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    That is funny! How about it girls, half of you dress up as the men and try to get into Couples. This would be a great other movie!

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    Let's face it, we have been RUINED by Couples! The staff are way too nice, the food way too good and the resorts just too beautiful. It is time for Couples to open a resort for those of us that have become addicted to Jamaica and to Couples but no longer qualify as a couple for whatever reason. "Singles" would be a good name......

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    I know how you feel. We won a free trip to Mexico this year and never could get excited. The while time we were there we compared it to Couples. I've always wanted to visit every major island in the Caribbean but now it's a disappointment to stay anywhere else almost.

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    Default I can feel your "pain"...heehee

    I agree! There are so many different places to visit in the Caribbean so when planning our Feb. 2011 trip, I researched Barbados, St. Lucia, Aruba and Curacao. Guess what? There was no comparison so back to Couples in Negril, Jamaica!

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    We had an a marvelous and romantic vacation in Cancun last summer...but I can't get CSA out of my mind. There's nothing like Seven Mile Beach anywhere.

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    Redinthehead that was too funny. You know that Couples does not descriminate against same sex couples. My suggestion is if you have an even number of ladies, to just pair up in the rooms and stay out of trouble then mums the word to anyone. Just a thought...

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    steveg52 LOL believe me I have thought about it, but that just wouldnt be right. The fact that it is all couples ( or at the majority) is one of the reason CSA is so wonderful. DH and I will just have to wait 31 more weeks until we return together. The other moms and I will just have to keep looking, how bad can it be we will still be in Jamaica!?!

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    We're worried about this phenomenon. We are booked to go to Sandals in Cuba and are a little concerned that we've been spoiled for other places.

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    lol its so true. I've wanted to do a trip with my wife and my brother and her sisters, but my brother isn't in a couple right now so we'd need to find somewhere else to go.

    I think its easier for everyone for him to just find a girl.

    We've been to other resorts, and while they can have the room or a nice beach, they never seem to get the food, the staff or other things that make couples so good.

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